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America’s Tax Money Funding Monsanto To Promote GMO’s!

Published on May 25, 2013 by ThinkOutsideTheTV

Are you sick of GMO’s? Share this and let’s end this BS!

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4 Responses to America’s Tax Money Funding Monsanto To Promote GMO’s!

  1. Cynicles says:

    The world is starting to hate Monsanto nearly as much at they hate America – close race atm.

    So much money has gone into getting all the protection for the evil corp monsanto.

  2. JGO says:

    We should all stop paying TAXES !!
    If every American stopped paying their taxes then there would be no money for Israrl ( 3 to 5 Billion a year ), no money for the war machine ( billions ), no money for Monsanto, No money to the BLACK POPE. ( the ultimate ruler of the world ) The Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, The Bilderburg group, are all the Black Pope’s bitches.
    If there is no taxes, it would be very hard for these demons to accomplish their goal.. N W O..
    Monsanto will be slowed down too.
    People have to realize that our tax dollars goes to a lot of EVIL organizations..Our tax dollars is funding genocide, murder, tourture and extermination just for resources, all this for the evil empire we have become known as America.

  3. Bud Butley says:

    In France, every day, a farmer hangs himself.

  4. flek says:

    Fascism to the extreme!

    Sadly, America sacrificed a brilliant generation in WW2 to supposedly stop fascism. I believe America was tricked into sacrificing many of her best and brightest patriots over time, through foreign wars, to soften her up for what’s happening now. Insidious deception.

    America has been under attack ideologically since the Articles of Confederation. It’s taken 200+ years to try and subdue her. Yet, she stands, knees wavering, and still defies the usurious ‘chosenite’ hordes. I know many who are trying desperately to keep her standing and we never sleep!


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