10 thoughts on “Amy Swearer: These Are the Gun Laws Americans Should Demand

  1. We’ve got one already, I like it and it works just fine, thank you..

    Anything else falls under part of that law and has already been addressed in it, f u very much.

    1. I’m rethinking the rope thing……I think there is way more entertainment value in the catapult ……traitors fly through the air with the greatest of ease……up and over they go where they land nobody knows…..see what I’m sayin’ ? 🙂

      1. Well you can see what happens when we don’t enforce our laws. They trash our rights like its some all you eat buffet. Common law courts swift justice. This dumb snatch thinks she is above the law with all her other elitist friends. Well I hope she gets the rude awakening she most certainly deserves. Not sure why these people think that our unalienable rights are negotiable.

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