An American Pulls Justice for Trayvon Martin Petitions from Site

Readers will notice that the petitions for Trayvon Martin have been removed from this site.  When the Florida shooting first came to light, we at From the Trenches stepped up to enforce our Bill of Rights, demanding a lawful investigation into the incident as Americans of the American race.  When the race pimp Al Sharpton saw an opportunity to turn our individual power into a collective force, he jumped on it.  Now we have a new African-American movement pushing to change Florida’s self defense law and attack our 2nd Amendment.

Those who have formed the collective and calling themselves African-Americans have chosen to separate themselves from the American people of the American race as they seek a special status and advantage over the rest of us.  If they want to put African before American and seek to pool their power we must reject them in every way.

Under our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Trayvon Martin is guaranteed equality.  But if his family has chosen to follow the soviet socialist Al Sharpton, then they have imbedded themselves with the insurgency that wants to destroy our Constitution and Republic, and here at From the Trenches we condemn all such actions.

Now, thanks to we the American people of the American race, the Florida State Attorney General and federal authorities will be investigating Trayvon’s death.  But that is not good enough.  These African-Americans want Florida’s Stand your Ground Law changed and a prohibition that will stop the police from confronting any black person wearing a “hoodie”.

These race pimps stand on the soap box and denounce racism, saying race should never enter into the equation.  But then when they see a situation where race can gain them an advantage, it is completely acceptable to apply the theology.  And if you dare to speak out against their use of race to push for special privilege through their collective, which represents constructive treason against our Bill of Rights, which emphasizes the absolute rights of the individual, well, you are labeled a racist.

All of you that choose to go be African-Americans and we will treat with you the same way we are going to treat with all the other hyphenated Americans pushing the socialist agenda.

In one report in the mainstream yesterday, I heard Trayvon’s mother say that this was not an issue of black or white, but one of justice.  And she was absolutely right.  Unfortunately this line was only thrown in the mix to gain the support of the patriotic community for the socialist African-American cause.

To Trayvon’s mom I say, you have my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your child and I hope that one day you will realize that your true power that will gain justice for your son was and has always been within yourself as an American citizen in possessing rights under our Constitution, not as a controlled element of the socialist African-American movement.

I hope all individual patriots step back away from this situation and remove the petitions wherever they find them.  We must establish the fact that we will not allow ourselves to be used by the socialist race and poverty pimps.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “An American Pulls Justice for Trayvon Martin Petitions from Site

  1. It’s only racist pieces of garbage like Al Sharpton who keep the racism issue alive. He uses peoples’ tragedies to further is own agenda, I can’t stand the guy.

  2. There is going to be a manslaughter conviction here. Why was this boy even pursued? Why shoot when you know the police are on the way? This shooter is finished. The only thing he will be Block Captain of now is the section for the pervs in “Block A”.

    1. There had better be a conviction. In no way does the “Stand Your Ground Law” work as a defense for the shooter. He stalked and chased down that child.

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