12 thoughts on “An End And A Beginning…

  1. That is Humanity in a nutshell, Now lets get rid of all these maggots making our lives horrible so we can get back to living….

  2. My Fellow Men & Women Of Humanity,

    A Zionist-Jew would have been wondering how to charge her double the fare,…. and how to get control of her bank accounts, property and assets.

    How do I know this???,.. because that is what all the zionist scum-jews of the world are busy trying to do to all of us right now.

    The driver depicted in this story (true or not),… is what I would call a true Christian,… my kind of Christian.

    JD – US Marines – If the Zionist scum of the world have their way,… people like this will not exist anymore (… you will never be “allowed” to live passed 70,… and people who would display such acts of decency and conscience will be a thing of the past.)


    1. Hey Mark, thanks. When I sent it to Henry and Laura I commented, “Don’t read this unless you want a “lump” in your throat.” There are good people out there, we just gotta let it show sometimes. Random acts of kindness send a very powerful message.

  3. It is these bits of humanity that give me hope. Just glimmers. Yes, what if that were my mother? God bless you sir for gifting love and compassion on an old woman’s exit from this insane asylum. I can pray that more of us will do the same.

  4. Yeh, thanks. The tears are still in my eyes. I live this type of thinking everyday myself. And I promote it. Sometimes without mention and at other times promoting it. The ‘circle of life’ as understood in a righteous manner, is one of taking care of those who came before you and loved you. They fed you, they protected you. They tried to teach you lessons of life that were of benefit to all. This parasite Jew infestation has led to the lowest type of deprivation upon mankind. How can we be free of this except by exterminating them first? Whether or not this cab driver is real or not. This cab driver persona exists in enough of us that we will always be a force that does such good deeds at least once in our lifetimes. Be brave, be convinced that truth will eventually overcome evil and those who serve evil will be disappointed in their expectations. We will receive a reward of life. Whether you or me or and elderly woman or and innocent child, hypocrisy applied will only gain you a guilty verdict from the Creator.

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