An Epocalypse Upon Us

The Economic Collapse

I’ve missed a few predictions along the way, but usually only in part. When I missed, it was because I took the bad too far. The bad has almost always happened exactly when I said it would but hasn’t always been as bad as I said it would be. Now, it has all arrived and is turning out to be fully as bad as I said it would be.

It took the kick of a virus to set everything in place, but all the parts are now falling where I said they would once the next recession began.

I’ve overestimated how dark times would get because I was anticipating the collapse of the Fed’s huge distortions in the economy — the Everything Bubble. However, the Fed reversed course or stopped doing what it said it would do each time the Everything Bubble started to fold in on itself. The Fed, too, saw calamity on the horizon from its own missteps, but only after economic collapse started to emerge from the shadows of future time into the present.

Now the Fed can’t even stop the catastrophe it helped set up.

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