An NFC implant to open doors and unlock PCs

Dangerous Prototypes

Fred over at the 430h forum shared another project using his NFC implant and an MSP4305529 to unlock his PC:

I recent completed the prototype of my LoginNFC project. It’s a combination of MSP430 acting as a USB keyboard (and CDC serial for configuration) and a TRF7970A NFC reader. The prototype was done with a F5529 LaunchPad and TRF7970A Booster – along with a ferrite antenna to improve the read range.
It’s working well and I did a small write-up here


Via 43oh forum.

Project info at Fred’s project page.


One thought on “An NFC implant to open doors and unlock PCs

  1. Wow. What a wonderful way to advertise and promote the Mark of the Beast. Hope the implant short circuits and fries his brain. Stupid sheeple.

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