An open letter to police around the world; protect us!

Dr. Trozzi

The injections are bioweapons. PCR is a fraud. The entire “pandemic” has been complete and absolute deception, abuse, and “medical” violence against the innocent people of the world.

Over the last year and a half, we have seen our police used as tools to abuse and suppress innocent people, for a fake pandemic and unfounded, unscientific, and abusive public health mandates. Must this story bare yet more misery?

We receive sad news every day, such as this recent story from Israel:

“…sad news one of the active freedom fighters in Israel who participated in peaceful rallies with a megaphone–was, beat up by police, tasered, broken bones. put in “covid” unit where he apparently became ill, and he died –murdered yesterday. His name was Hai Shaulian”

This is a pleading cry to our police to awaken! Use your critical reasoning. Don’t allow yourselves to be brainwashed, nor follow the orders of tyrannical predators. If this ship continues sinking, we all go down together. We need you to be our heroes now. Otherwise, we will continue in despair, watching free society perish. Please, arrest the criminals, protect the innocent; no matter what! May the next page of humanities story be one of overcoming evil and returning to love and joy.

Please defend innocent people against the covid-criminals. Uphold the essential principles of law. If you will not defend the innocent, who will? Stop bowing your heads in obedience to the global predators; stop enforcing planetary genocide. Choose to be on the right side of history.

Ethical police don’t submit; unite.

Here are the police awakening:

Yes, there is a Canadian chapter of Police for Freedom growing stronger every day. Relief is coming in many forms including real police who remember why they took their oaths. Don’t surrender; it is your body, and your choice. Your employer may fire you; your school or University may bar you; but justice is coming, and they will pay. Refuse forced injections and other violations of your rights.

Real police are rising to defend us; to hunt the covid criminals; to stop forced injections, and to end rampant human rights violations.

Dr. Trozzi

5 thoughts on “An open letter to police around the world; protect us!

  1. Perhaps open letter stating that their failure to follow the actual laws of the people and the continues violation of our rights at every turn (not just Covid BS which they will go along with and try to enforce) will result in an act of war against we the people.!

    And they should let that sink in! They should consider what it means to go totalitarian from the enforcers standpoint… it ain’t gonna be pretty, it ain’t gonna be high fives after you plug the bad guys…

    it will be absolute all on combat… the first thing these chicken shit police will do is scream for the Activation of National guard and active army..!

    As soon as they realize the bee hive they have opened they will be the first to cry foul..!

    Easily avoided if they just follow the only law that can exist here in our lands, but hey your Masters the Governors and your Federal masters have declared their rights to Prima-Nocta haven’t they dumb fks?

    DTTNWO eternal and all who support and enforce and defend it

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