And Another Deserts As NATO Says Obama On His Own

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

They are falling like flies… following the British vote not to join Obama in his latest crusade, it s now NATO’s turn as Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen tells Dutch TV2 that “NATO will have no role in any military action in Syria.” Of course, there’s still the French; and as Rasmussen notes, should any retaliatory action take place to endanger NATO member Turkey then the situation may well change. Quoted as urging a political resolution rather than military, and supportive of the UN inspectors, Rasmussen added “A sustainable solution is a political solution. But an international reaction is necessary.”  

Via TV2 (via Google Translate),

NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, setting the stage for the defense alliance NATO will have no role in any military action in Syria.

I predict not a NATO role in what I here call an international reaction to the regime in Damascus, says Anders Fogh Rasmussen at a press conference in Vejle.

However, it can change the situation if NATO member Turkey, which shares a border with Syria is attacked. At present, Nato keen rockets along the border in order to respond to any aggression.

But even Fogh therefore does not foresee that NATO should play a role, so he believes that some form of military intervention would be important to give a clear message that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated.

– There is not a long-term military solution to this. A sustainable solution is a political solution. But an international response is needed, says Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

He does not believe that there is no doubt that President Bashar al-Assad’s regime used chemical weapons.

– Everyone knows that there has been a chemical attack place. Everyone has seen the terrible pictures, so there’s no discussion about that there has been a chemical attack place.

– Then there is a discussion about who is behind. And when you look at who has stocks and capacity, it is the regime. There is not much to suggest that it is the opposition that is behind.

– And it requires a cynicism beyond what is reasonable to believe that the opposition stand behind a chemical attack in an area they already largely control, says Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Fogh stresses, however, that NATO countries support the study by UN weapons inspectors is currently doing. Inspectors are expected to leave Syria Saturday.

4 thoughts on “And Another Deserts As NATO Says Obama On His Own

  1. Look for a SHTF false flag. Only way to keep up the momentum. HUGH…………Israel? I know you watching……….F^^%$ck off.

  2. Remember when we were kids, in gym class, and you played pick up basketball, and usually the best two players chose sides. I’ll pick Dave, I’ll pick Johnny, I’ll take Mike, I’ll take Steve, and then there was the last player, usually no athletic skill, scrawny and wears thick glasses? That’s France. Ha ha ha ha ha …. I just cracked myself up.

  3. Does anyone have the details of the French mandate for Syria?

    Britain was forced to abandon its mandate treaties so it could attack Saddam Hussein as the UK was interestingly treaty bound to come to the aid of the government of Iraq through its mandate responsibilities but did France also abandon its mandate treaties and duties which would compel them to actually fight for, protect the government of Syria?

  4. Gotta think what the French are thinking right now, Sarkozy only just got France back into NATO and allowing transit of US and NATO troops not of the EU and Obama dumps them in the lap of a war lol

    France remembers well Vietnam, in fact France has much to remember about how they were set up in the first Vietnam war just after WWII and how the Americans after goading and cajoling them into a disastrous conflict melted into the shadows when France demanded help.

    And of course how the Americans turned coat on the French, British and Israeli’s over Suez and of course the big one, the real humdinger was in return for aid by the Spanish and French in the war of Independence that France and Spain were promised extremely lucrative trade deals and watched with fury as those trade deals were immediately forgotten and were given to the Crown.

    Wasn’t there a false flag attempt before the American-Vietnam war when US forces attacked Foreign Legion forts in that part of Asia trying to get the French and British involved?

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