And the winners are…

  • Midland Talker Two-Way Radios: Bob from Wisconsin
  • The Survival Medicine Handbook and a LuminAID Solar Lantern: Angela in Montana
  • Curing the Incurable and Only by Blood and Suffering: Mark Schumacher
  • The Survival Medicine Handbook and a Swat-T Tourniquet: Matt and Katie
  • Sun Oven: Carla in CO
  • M1 Garand Receiver Blueprints: Galen
  • Fulton MX-991/U Angle Head Flashlight: David in CA
  • ALICE LC-1 First aid/Compass pouches: Ricardo in TX
  • P-38 can openers: Robert in NJ

Congratulations! Thank you to all who participated, your support to From the Trenches World Report is greatly appreciated.

7 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. Wow that’s great. I was just looking at a couple matching CB radios I picked up from the thrift store awhile back for $10 each. I have been looking for ways to enhance my communications for when the cell phones cut out.
    I appreciate the radios, right on time. Thanks, Bob

  2. Gee, Wow, Yea!! Thanks, Norm, et al. I love the blueprints, not just to learn from but also as art. One will be framed and put up on my wall, a testament to 2A and to Trenchers everywhere. Again, big, big THANKS!!!



  3. Congratulations!
    Will ship no later than Mucking Funday.
    Thank you for your support in the trenches!!!

    Absolute and sincerely
    Hal 🙂

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