Andrea Parker ~ The fight still isnt over 8/22/17

Published on Aug 23, 2017 by J Grady

Clarification on Eric Parker and Scott Drexler
I will update you all as soon as we hear anything today.

4 thoughts on “Andrea Parker ~ The fight still isnt over 8/22/17

  1. This is an illegal court, the jury knows it. When Hairless Reed was in office, he ran it like the Mafia. So obvious that it would have been impossible to convict. This stuff isn’t rocket science.

    What about the Hammond’s?

    Why isn’t this woman clamoring about them? Piss’s me off she is cherry picking her fights.

    This is why sites such as the “Trenches” are so goddamned important.

    1. She did mention the Hammonds. She is ‘clamoring’ for her husband! as well as others. IMO she has done more to bring recognition to this injustice than any comment (replies to posts) made here. If you want to do something go here: print out copies of the jury nullification letter and pass them around….

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