5 thoughts on “Angry SUV Driver Runs Through Black Lives Matter Protesters BLM

  1. The pig coming up behind that guy and body-slamming him at the end looked like excessive force to me.

    Nice of the piggies to remind everyone of why some of us celebrate when they get shot.

  2. Summer of Chaos. The elite divide and conquer scheme working as planned and the mindless masses playing right along.

  3. Dumb f!@king protestors get angry that someone gets angry because the protestors are angry that nobody respects that they are angry! LOL! So laughable these clowns. Dumb bastards get so caught up in emotions without truly analyzing how they feel I bet. They just want to be “a part of something”. You have a right to protest, not block the freedom of travel of others. Got what they deserved. The body slam was priceless. Made my day.

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