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Animal Activists Attack Two Bro’s For Fishing – All Hell Breaks Loose

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Animal rights activists harass a couple of guys fishing and it gets ugly.

A couple of guys were out fishing on a bridge on a beautiful, sunny day.

It’s an age-old thing that people do — hunting, fishing, out in nature, and bringing home food.  

But now in 2018, we have activists that want to stop that because they’re enlightened. They know better. And they believe that animal life is the same as human life.


Fish feel pain just like a human — except for a human in the womb, right?

I wonder how these activists would have reacted if one of those fishing bros had said, ‘Fish can feel pain just like humans do? So can a fetus.

These animal rights activists are notoriously anti-human life.

But I digress…

So, let’s assume that these animal rights activists are vegans.

Then, this BBC article is going to make them squirm.

Professor Jack Schultz of the University of Missouri at Columbia says that plants ‘are just very slow animals‘.

[Now that enrollment is down at Mizzou, who knows where Professor Emeritus Jack Schultz will end up.]

Professor Schultz has been studying plants and insects for over 40 years and teaches Plant Sciences at Mizzou.

…he is making a point about common perceptions of our leafy cousins, which he feels are too often dismissed as part of the furniture. Plants fight for territory, seek out food, evade predators and trap prey. They are as alive as any animal, and – like animals – they exhibit behaviour.

Oh, dear.

And in some ways, they’re more advanced than we are. They don’t have a brain and nervous system, but plants are exceptional in other ways.

 …despite lacking eyes, plants such as Arabidopsis possess at least 11 types of photoreceptor, compared to our measly four. This means that, in a way, their vision is more complex than ours. Plants have different priorities, and their sensory systems reflect this. As Chamovitz points out in his book: “light for a plant is much more than a signal; light is food.”

So while plants face many of the same challenges as animals, their sensory requirements are equally shaped by the things that distinguish them. “The rootedness of plants – the fact that they are unmoving – means they actually have to be much more aware of their environment than you or I do,” says Chamovitz.

Well, plants are obviously more advanced than some animal rights protesters, that’s for sure.

I’m sure I’ve eaten a salad that was more intelligent than these protesters.

Consuelo De Moraes of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, along with collaborators, has shown that as well as being able to hear approaching insects, some plants can either smell them, or else smell volatile signals released by neighbouring plants in response to them.

More ominously, back in 2006 she demonstrated how a parasitic plant known as the dodder vine sniffs out a potential host. The dodder vine then wriggles through the air, before coiling itself around the luckless host and extracting its nutrients.

Conceptually, there is nothing much distinguishing these plants from us. They smell or hear something and then act accordingly, just as we do.

Source: BBC

A parasitic plant that callously feeds on other unsuspecting plants?

Maybe these idiots can stage a protest.

But the big question — if plants are ‘just like us’…

What exactly are these numbskulls going to eat?

Clash Daily

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16 Responses to Animal Activists Attack Two Bro’s For Fishing – All Hell Breaks Loose

  1. Martist says:

    I guess the animal rights activist “guy” feels empowered because he has the biggest d of his protest group? Of course, that’s because he might possibly be the only one born with one and his counterparts allow him to keep it.

  2. Koyote says:

    If it had been my friends and I fishing, we would have busted that assholes face up, and thrown him over the railing…
    Damn idiot, even GOD eats fish. Read KJV NT

  3. oddizee says:

    I thought he’d toss the metro guy in. Darn. So what do they say about eagles eating the fish? Other birds? Bigger fish? These people are just auditioning , hoping someone will see it and hire them as paid activists.

  4. Mauser98K says:

    i think the guys who were fishing handled it very well. some of us would have grabbed twig boy and tossed him over the railing.

  5. Enemy of the State says:

    Karma will pay a visit
    I’m sure of it

  6. bobski says:

    should of asked the animal activists when the last time they protested an abortion clinic

  7. Henry Shivley says:

    All hell broke loose?
    Obviously this pack of candy asses doesn’t know what all hell breaking loose looks like. The punk, his bitch, and his brats, all in the f#@king drink.

  8. TN says:

    The guy brought up Adam and Eve concerning no meat and such. Well why did God cloth them in animal skins. There is 32 verses with fire meat offerings is a sweet savor to the Lord. And the list goes on.

    He’s a complete imbecile.

    • KOYOTE says:


  9. DL. says:

    Question: did the “animal rights” activists wear furs or leather or feathers or…

    Because outside of Hollywood and “celebrity” land, NO ONE, but no one, is more hypocritical than “animal rights” activists, who not only don’t give a damned about humans, but don’t give a damned about animals, either! (for instance, PETA, who “rescues” dogs and cats only to sacrifice them a couple of weeks later….), or “Save the Whale” activists who wear furs and leather at galas… And they might not give a damned about plants, either….

  10. James Hall says:

    Their doing a great job, lets send them to Africa and let them tell the lions to stop killing other animals.

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