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The Sequel to The Fall of the Cabal documentary is as mind-blowing as the original!  It traces the origins of the Cabal/Illuminati to ancient times and reveals their identity.  It discusses their role in historical events throughout the ages and exposes their plan for world domination.  Fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for a fascinating history lesson with an urgent warning for today! 

This Sequel has seventeen parts, parts 1-5 are offered today, the others will be added — with text summaries — over the next few weeks.

The original series with text summaries is here. This is the sequel series.

Part 1

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This episode takes us back thousands of years to the ancient civilization of Sumer.  The Sumerians had a highly developed society with impressive architecture, art and modern conveniences.  Their lands included Babylonia and Canaan and extended into Khazaria in Russia.  Their culture worshipped Baal and practiced child sacrifice.

The Khazarian group claimed to be descendants of Jafeth, one of the sons of Noah.  They had become quite wealthy but had a reputation as thieves and murderers who preyed on travelers.  Neighboring countries despised them, and in 600 A.D., the Russian ruler demanded that they discontinue their ancient practices and convert to one of the mainstream religions.  The Khazarians chose Judaism, taking the elements that suited them.  This is the basis for the claim that Khazarians are not true Jews.

In 965 A.D., the Russians expelled the Khazarian nobles and ruling family.  They fled through Poland and Europe with some members staying behind.  The rest continued to Ashkenaz in Turkey where they rebuilt their bloodline and their fortune and became known as the Ashkenazi Khazarian Jews.  They never forgave the Russians.  The Rothschild family, who amassed gold and became powerful bankers, are descendants of the Ashkenazi Khazarians.

The narrator then discusses the history of the Knights Templar, starting with the formation of the Order of Malta in Jerusalem in 1,048 A.D. and the First Crusade in 1,096 A.D.  The Knights Templar were formed in 1,118 A.D. with the goal of rebuilding the Temple of Solomon and protecting pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land.  In 1,129 A.D., they received the official backing of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Templars amassed their fortunes by conquering and pillaging the Holy Land.  At their height, they had 20,000 members.  They were wealthy and powerful and considered themselves to be above the law. They excelled at banking and loaned money to many European rulers to finance their armies.  They met their downfall, however, when they refused to loan any more money to King Phillipe of France.  The king, who could not repay his debt, decided to abolish the Knights Templar, arresting most of its members and causing the rest to flee for their lives.  He had Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Order, burned at the stake in 1314.

As time passed, new Orders were founded to take the place of the Templars such as the Order of the Rosicrucians and the Jesuits.  The Jesuits were the military arm of the Roman Catholic Church with an extremist agenda of restoring Papal rule and defeating Protestantism at any cost.  They became one of the most dangerous and feared groups in Europe.  They were so reviled that, in 1773, the Pope was forced to dissolve the Order after protests from 18 heads of state. Eventually, the Jesuits infiltrated the Masons and continued under the new name Freemasons.

These history of these two groups would eventually intersect.  Common enemies and goals create allies.

Part 2

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In 1748, Johann Adam Weishaupt was born in southern Germany.  He was raised by Jesuits who groomed him to become a professor in canon law at the Jesuit University.  Adam spent his time rewriting ancient historical documents that dealt with Luciferian ideology.  In 1773, he was approached by Mayer Amschel Rothschild to help found a group of bankers and influential men with a plan to dominate the world of commerce, banking, government and religion based on an ancient writing known as the Constantinople Letter.  This letter, written in 1492,  addressed the grievances of the Ashkenazi Jews in France who had been asked by the king to convert to Christianity.  It advised them to go along and pretend to be Christian, but groom their sons to become clerics, lawyers, physicians, bankers and participate in the affairs of government with the end goal of infiltrating and destroying these institutions.  This group, based on protocols crafted by Weishaupt, was officially founded in 1776 and became known as the Order of the Illuminati.

In just 3 years after the Papal Bull that suppressed the Jesuit Order, the Illuminati started to implement their plans.  Europe paid a heavy price for betraying the Jesuit Order. The Illuminati were instrumental in instigating the French Revolution with the help of the Freemasons and philosophers like Voltaire.  Napoleon, who conquered much of Europe in the Napoleonic Wars, was an Illuminati puppet.  Nathan Rothschild had financed both the French and the English in the war.  Rothschild famously crashed the London Stock Exchange in a scheme based on advance knowledge of the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo.  The Illuminati alliance was also behind the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand which caused WWI to break out in 1914.  This took down Protestant Germany and set the stage for WWII.  War after war killed millions, bankrupted nations, deposed royalty, left the people in despair and further enriched the Cabal/Illuminati alliance. The strategy for conquering the world and exacting revenge was proceeding according to plan.

Part 3

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It was now time for the Cabal to take revenge on Russia.  They chose Lenin as their front man.  Lenin was influenced by Karl Marx who wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848. Marx had been trained by the Jesuits who embraced Communism as part of their doctrine.  Using the Bolsheviks, the Jesuits promoted the Russian Revolution which lasted from 1917 – 1923.  The Russian czar was overthrown, and Communism became the new form of government.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Cabal had been busy infiltrating the U.S. banking system.  The U.S. Federal Reserve was founded in 1913 by several Cabal families including the Rothschilds. Just a year earlier, several famous men who had opposed this idea perished with the sinking of the Titanic, including Jacob Astor IV, Isidor Straus and Benjamin Guggenheim.  When war broke out in 1914, the Fed increased the money supply, then in 1920 abruptly shrank it causing 5,500 banks to fail.  The Fed bought up these banks for pennies on the dollar. They manipulated the economy again and caused the Wall Street Crash of 1929.  This resulted in 16,000 non-Fed banks going broke and culminated in the Great Depression.  Once again, the Cabal scooped up property and assets for pennies on the dollar.  In 1934, FDR was pressured by the Fed to issue an Executive Order requiring the people to relinquish their gold.  This removed any remaining limitations on the Federal Reserve to control the money supply.  To add insult to injury, the income tax was initiated to cover the money being paid to the Fed.

At the end of WWI, the bankers called in all loans.  This caused the collapse of the German economy which set the stage for the rise of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party.  The narrator tells how Hitler came to power and the Jewish people were made the scapegoats for everything Germany had endured.
By 1939, Europe and its allies were embroiled in WWII, in which an estimated 85,000,000 people died.

Interestingly, Hitler was an admirer of the Jesuits and organized his governing structure around their hierarchy.  There is also evidence that he was the illegitimate son of Anselm Salomon Rothschild as his mother bore him out of wedlock when she worked as a maid in the Rothschild household.

At the end of WWII in 1945, many Jews migrated to the newly formed state of Israel.  What is not commonly known is that this had been planned by the Cabal for years.  In 1917, the Balfour Declaration conveyed Palestine as a home for the Jewish people upon Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild on behalf of the British throne.  This was done without the knowledge of either the Jewish people or the Palestinians!  The priority of the Cabal has always been Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon.  Were the Jewish people scapegoats in a plot to take control of Israel?  How do the Protocols of Zion fit into all this?

Part 4

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This episode delves into the Protocols of Zion in which the Elders of Zion describe their goals for absolute world domination.  Some have labeled this work a hoax.  It was first published in Russia in 1905, but much of it appears to have been copied from older texts.  For example, it is very similar to the 19th century “Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu” by Maurice Joly with “Napoleon” changed to “jew” and “France” changed to “world”.  It is also reminiscent of the Constantinople Letter of 1492.  Is it possible that the Protocols of Zion were created to make the Jews the scapegoats for all that was to follow?

Whoever the author was, the 24 protocols outlined in this work detail the most diabolical plan ever conceived for the subjugation of humanity and the creation of a one world government.  The disdain for non-Jews is shocking.  One protocol advocates controlling the food supply to make the people slaves.  Presidents and government officials are to be puppets controlled by dark secrets.  Elections are to be controlled.  The press will be used as a tool to steal the mob, and all news will be under their control.  Liberals and Masons will be used to promote their plans, then eliminated when the one world government is acknowledged.  The people will be distracted by empty words and promises and various forms of entertainment.  All layers of society will be infiltrated, particularly the education system.  The study of ancient history will be replaced with studies in future “utopia”.  If the Goyim should learn of the plot, there will be mayhem, the destruction of cities and infrastructure and economic crises.  The people will blame their leaders and revolt against their government.  Spies will be everywhere. Criminals will be arrested and punished without a trial. There will be a transition period of confusion and misdirection in which luxuries will be limited, freedoms will be eliminated and the people will be taught humility.  All religion will be forbidden, save the Law of Moses.  Out of the chaos, the New King – the Chosen One – will be installed as the supreme leader of a Zionist one world government.  The similarities to current events are alarming.

Part 5

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Who was behind the mysterious Georgia Guidestones?  They were erected on a hill in Elbert County, GA in 1980 and consist of four massive standing stones with a shared capstone.  They are arranged as an astronomical clock and calendar. They are carved with 10 commandments in 8 languages proclaiming to herald the Age of Reason.  They were supposedly financed and erected by one R.C. Christian (a pseudonym that rhymes with Rosicrucian).  The commandments advocate depopulation and eugenics, one world language, one world court, social duties over personal rights, reason over passion, truth, beauty and Nature above humanity.  This sounds very much like the Cabal agenda with a few high-sounding ideals thrown in.

The narrator then discusses the history of the United Nations which was founded in 1945, ostensibly to maintain peace and cooperation among nations.  However, it promotes a globalist agenda as exemplified by its New World Order initiative founded in 2008 by the grandson of Nelson Mandela and ex-CIA agent Jayme Illien.  The UN also maintains the Blue Helmets, an army of 70,000 “peacekeepers” who can legally intervene in another country’s affairs.  The Blue Helmets have been charged with sexual exploitation and human trafficking in numerous countries ranging from Africa to Bosnia, Cambodia and Haiti.  They were also implicated in the genocide committed by Serbian armed forces against Bosnian Muslims.

Another globalist organization is the Club of Rome set up in 1968 by David Rockefeller to come up with solutions for planet earth.  They determined that humanity is the root cause of all problems.  Sustainability became the Cabal’s new cause.  In 1992 they developed an action plan for sustainable development called Agenda 21.  This was followed by Agenda 2030 which added 11 more agendas.  While these plans are full of high-minded goals and seemingly good intentions, they provide no practical strategy for achieving them.  They are, at their core, Socialist/Communist agendas that require a universal reduction in the consumption of resources and the transfer of wealth from developed countries to impoverished ones.  A one world government would be required to implement such a plan.


State of the Nation

10 thoughts on “Ann Delap: Fall of the Cabal

  1. Hey Mary,
    How can I get these documentary’s on dvd ? I have looked around and can’t find them.


  2. I am not criticizing Mary who posted this. The following is only my opinion of this documentary. It is the biggest pile of jewish scapegoat bullshit propaganda I have seen in quiet awhile. Where did the Khazarians get child sacrifice? Right here. “Moreover I gave them statutes that were not good and ordinances by which they could not live. I defiled them through their gifts, in their offering up all their firstborn, in order that I might horrify them, so they might know that I am the Lord.” Ezekiel 20:25-26. I think it said Masonry was invented Jesuits lol. That is too funny. We know still more, viz. that Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explenations (sic) are Jewish from the beginning to the end. Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise. But the grand whopper “They chose Lenin as their front man. Lenin was influenced by Karl Marx who wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848. Marx had been trained by the Jesuits who embraced Communism as part of their doctrine.” That is an insult to human intelligence. Moses Hess, the son of Rabbi, was the inventor of communism and what is also known as socialist-zionism. His book calls for the establishment of a Jewish socialist commonwealth in Palestine. His theories were later revamped by Karl Marx (whose maternal grandfather was a Dutch rabbi, while his paternal line had supplied Trier’s rabbis since 1723) and Engels (the gentile dupe who financed it) to a class struggle no doubt to hide its true source and intentions. The ideas are very Kabbalistic (their original oral tradition) Lenin exposes the fact that he was jewish in the following conversation with Pavlov “‘I want the masses of Russia to follow a Communistic pattern of thinking and reacting,’ Lenin explained… Pavlov was astounded. It seemed that Lenin wanted him to do for humans what he had already done for dogs. ‘Do you mean that you would like to standardize the population of Russia? Make them all behave in the same way?’ he asked. ‘Exactly’ replied Lenin. ‘Man can be CORRECTED. Man can be made what we want him to be.’ Transformation is the central theme of Kabbalah. Much of its teachings focus on instructions for corrections, and when you consider at the time it was forbidden to teach kabbalah to gentiles, coded, and not translated he could not have possibly studied it without being jewish (crypto). Here we see the correction we are slated for in the Zohar THE EXTERNALITY ARE THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD:
    The branch that extends from the externality is the nations of the world. They have not been imparted the qualities that make them worthy of receiving the development of the purpose one at a time. Rather, they are fit to receive the CORRECTION AT ONCE AND TO THE FULLEST. Hmmm wonder if that correction is in fact the death shot? The whole Khazar theory was first pushed by Benjamin Freedman who was vital in bringing in the federal reserve. No doubt it was to cover their ass in case James Forrestal (who was murdered for threatening to expose zionist guiding hand in WW2) was elected president. Of course his timely demise stopped any chance of that paving the way for Eisenhower. No doubt most modern Jews come from Eastern Europe. But I am not buying mass conversion. Jews barely take any converts and do not want any to begin with. More than likely they were progressively kicked out of country after country starting with Egypt until they ended up there. They weren’t slaves in Egypt either. They occupied that country 3 times in the Hyksos (shepherd kings) occupations and were hated for destroying their culture, bankrupting them, and for their mass immigration policies. One of the most prominent was Akhenaten (monotheist hyksos pharaoh) who died and his wife along with its followers were kicked out and probably robbed the valley of the kings on the way out (which is prob where the nonsense about Egyptians loaning hebrews gold on way out of town in the exodus.) Akhenaten religion has same basic themes as Kabbalah. Nope doesn’t matter if they are Khazars, Semites, Hibiru, Shekelesh, Ibiru, Hebrew, Hyksos, they have the same beliefs and use exact same tactics. This documentary is horseshit. illuminatti probably comes straight from Zohar where Jews receive divine spark or light from Yah and gentiles are considered darkness (chaos and void). They claim to be light among the nations and are charged with healing the world (Tikkum olam) death shot. This thing is straight bullshit. Henry and JD have the crosshairs directly on the target. Oh yeah ever wonder where this transgender shit is coming from? Akhenaten (Firstly, he shows himself as the fusion of the father and mother of the country, like the primordial human being, the asexual emanation of the god Aten, for whom he is the sole representative on earth). Kabbalah teaches once the temple is rebuilt and chaos and void are eliminated, Yahweh and Shakinah will return to temple and be restored and man will be go back to his primordial state.

    1. I don’t care if they are called Jews, Jesuits or Tootsie Rolls. The point is there has been a plan in place for millennia to destroy the natural rights of each individual and subjugate man to a forever existence of utter despair.
      In part four …. “There is nothing more dangerous than personal initiative.” Is that not an indication that the power of the individual is what they fear? Is not the power of the individual encompassed in our Bill of Rights? I don’t care if it is the Jew, the Jesuit, or the Tootsie Roll that comes to kill my sovereign being they will be met by my ‘personal initiative’

  3. Not if we figure a way to create our own currency, and bypass these commie asshats. Create our own way going forward.

    Not hard to do…Fk Rockefeller

    1. ‘Not if we figure a way to create our own currency,’ exactly….. can be done county by county, etc.
      When I met with the mayor here back in March and explained the agenda, it was my hope we would have already had discussions and plans on a new economic system. But no, the sheeple are still focused on the boogey man virus. Follow the king’s mandates.

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