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  1. Here’s a nice April “Fools” Joke…… Since it’s been cancelled.
    Here’s some of the info you can….. well a get creepy with.
    I can find out …
    Who owns your land and the parcel #’s
    The last three places you lived.
    Your Divorce records….
    Your children’s Divorce records ….How many…
    Your childrens name(s).
    How many sex offenders live around your block. (or you)
    How many minerals and value and resources of your property…… your deed or titles.
    How many hands have changed or stolen the property…..
    How many DUI’s you’ve had.
    All your filed court cases…..
    The car you drive….
    Welfare recipients….. ?
    Available commercial properties available for sale……
    Last 3-5 phone #’s you had.
    Wether I’m a creepy asshole.
    Speeding tickets.
    Previous names …. Aliases….. etc…..
    Where you work.
    Where your neighbors work.
    Crime in your area.
    Demographics in your area.
    All with a nice neat graphical interface….
    So when talking sht to me…
    Be careful….
    I’ll post some information…..that will embarrass the hell out of you.
    This has been a public service announcement.
    So walk lightly on my dk.
    I’ve already looked up Texas… Oregon…. and who else ….Hawaii…..South Dakota…. New York…, Jersey today.
    And so on and so on etc…..
    Pretty nasty stuff…..
    You can also find out information on me…..
    Just like I can find out about you.
    It helps with finding out who the agents and shills are hanging around here on this site.
    That’s the April fools Joke.

    1. I’ve used this in the past to find people I have lost over the years.
      Took a look at myself, up to the point of paying.
      I found two errors. There is no Quimby Street in Chiloquin and I’ve never lived in Albany. I would have liked to look at my criminal history, but I don’t have $40 to waste. I’m sure I have a copy of it here somewhere.
      Anyway, I find it kind of creepy. And just who do you suspect of being agents and shills hanging around on this site? Or was that the April Fool’s joke?

    2. We all got our quirks.
      Be careful of what you believe.
      it’s run by fking jerks.
      Who’ve got sh!t up their sleeve.
      Worry about yourself.
      And the folk who know they’re free.
      Cause if one refuse to do so.
      That is why the fk it is today…
      Never cared much for nosey fckers, regardless! Reckless!
      Nother reason for signing out.
      I can see it…

  2. I’m hauling a half of trailer load of GODDAMN flowers for walmart, what food shortage? I should be shot..

    Total con…

    1. A truck that came into my shop delivering raw materials from a company out of Canada
      He was told no unnecessary shipments,unneeded will be stopped at the border
      If they can’t prove it’s for critical path issues , passage across the border will be denied

      I guess a truck hauling furniture was told he can’t cross

      1. Walmart does what it wants, obviously, nobody tells them shit. Their drivers are subjugated morons, well paid..shit dont stink..

        I’m doing a load they for whatever reason, arent.

  3. Well, if they can cancel Easter aka Resurrection Day, why not? (Now let’s see if they actually cancel Passover…)

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