Anonymous Elites And Their Tactics Of Enslavement

Published on Mar 25, 2017 by Anonymous Immagical

Please watch this video to understand how the elites enslave us all and how the NWO is enforced upon people of this planet!
We know what the US Government use to enslave the planet!
With the death of David Rockefeller, more and more conspiracies will prove to be actual facts! See the recent wikileaks Vault 7 leak and more!

We know what the elites use to enslave the planet!

credits: animation – voice: John Perkins
We know what the elites use to divide and distract you:

In this video John Perkins, explains us how the IMF, the WB, or Central banks, are institutions used by the elites to enslave the nations of the world through traps of debt. And whenever the governments will reject to play by the rules of the financial elites, the CIA will intervene to overthrow the governments. Check out this video and wake up!

This is the latest anonymous message from 2017. This could be of interest to you! Important events could take place this year. Will 2017 be the year of the change? Watch the following material to find out!

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