Another Cop gets Away With State-Sanctioned Killing: 27 Year-Old Native American Woman in Winslow Arizona

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It’s so very sad when there are so many of these damn trigger-happy cops murdering people that I cant even keep track of them anymore. The latest case, a travesty of justice is a cop in Winslow Arizona who killed a beautiful 27-year old woman, Loreal Tsingine. Police had been called with claims that the native American woman and mother had stolen beer from a Circle K convenience store. They responded by summarily executing her on the street, shooting her four times.  

The cop, as usual in these cases where the cops/government investigate cops, got off scot-free.

The investigation and subsequent whitewash in this case were particularly rapid, with the killing occurring in March, on Easter Sunday, and the conclusion reached in July.

This news comes out the same week that the corrupt Attorney General in Idaho announced that two deputies in Council, Idaho would not be criminally prosecuted for killing 62-year-old rancher Jack Yantis last November 1st. The sheriff of the town glibly quipped that We Have A Rodeo Going On, The Yantis Decision “Is An Unnecessary Distraction”

Here is a photo of Loreal Tsingine, from Winslow:

Native News Online reports:

“The decision was issued by the office of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, in a letter dated July 19, 2016 to Winslow Police Department chief of police Stephen Garnett.The case was investigated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Their report was sent to the Navajo County Attorney’s Office where Winslow is located. That office punted the report to the Maricopa County prosecutor’s office for review and indicated there will be no charges against Shipley.

Since being employed as a police officer for the Winslow Police Department Shipley has received poor reviews.

Prior to being hired by the Winslow Police Department, he was not given a good recommendation by at least two officers who trained him to become a police officer, according to The Associated Press.

According to The Associated Press, the two officers had ‘concerns about his work, including that he was too quick to go for his service weapon, ignored directives from superiors and falsified reports.” [link]

Look a this cop with his death-worshipping t-shirt! The most ironic thing is that the cop literally looks identical to the fictional death character on his t-shirt.

They certainly didn’t take to heart the line from ‘Take it easy’ in Winslow.

By the way, I’ve been through Winslow many times, it’s always seemed like a pleasant, sleepy town off I-40 in the middle of nowhere, AZ.


Update: Here is the body cam footage of the cop who shot her. The first part has no audio, and the police never explained why not. They don’t show the actual shooting, but the audio from the cop’s body cam begins after the shooting. You can see that the woman is angry for being pushed down, and she walks toward the officer and you can see his arms and hands pointing his gun at her. She does not look like any threat, much less a threat that couldn’t be neutralized with a swift punch to the nose if necessary. The officer, panting and panicked sounding after he killed her, mutters ‘she came after me with those scissors,” then he pretends to vomit.

16 thoughts on “Another Cop gets Away With State-Sanctioned Killing: 27 Year-Old Native American Woman in Winslow Arizona

  1. A breaking point is coming. Happily, these thugs won’t even recognize the straw that breaks the camels back. One event too far and it’s on.

  2. Killed by pigs due to suspicion of stealing beer. That’s par for the course in today’s police state.

    What I always wonder is: where the hell are the family members of these victims?

  3. People care more about their stuff than they do people.
    Where are their families?
    Natives are the most unprotected race out there.
    Where are they?
    Under everyone’s boot, that’s where.

    1. She probably was stealing beer and her family is ashamed. Unfortunately the stereotypes about us are mostly true. But they should be raising he’ll. Stealing beer doesn’t warrant a death sentence. But, we’ve had 500 years of being beat down. Most of us won’t say anything. The siuox seem to be the only people left with backbone. Hell my people run the BIA and they roll over for the US gov time and time again.

  4. That far hog is going to get jacked up. Bad mojo to be killing Indiana. Especially if your a fat clammy wannabe tough guy like this queer.

  5. You don’t have to be a family member to exact revenge, because it’s NOT an attack on a family. It’s an attack on the freedom of ALL Americans.

    Develop a kinship for your neighbors and fellow countrymen. This girl’s murder is an attack on YOUR family too, because we’re all being oppressed by the same tyrants, and sooner or later, your (immediate) family will suffer the same fate if these lunatics aren’t stopped.

    But yes, their time is drawing near, as a group. They’re all going to go, and we won’t breath free until it happens.

  6. How much administrative leave did this ………. Get ?
    BTW this is time off with pay and does not us e vacation days.

    How much cash did he get to deal with “stress” ?
    Oh yeh some cities up to 5k and paid vacation for the family

    Is this not a BOUNTY being paid for us
    This needs to be stopped

  7. It’s a shame because a bad cop (and there are plenty of them) will get the good cops killed or the good cops will quit and there will only be bad cops.

    If more of these bad cops were punished then it would be the opposite and things would get better.

    1. “… get the good cops killed or the good cops will quit…”

      Good cops? SERIOUSLY???

      Change your user name to MISinformed.

      Make that BADLY MISINFORMED.

      1. Really? Do you really think EVERY cop is bad? I have 2 relatives that are cops and believe me they are good guys who have never used their guns…

        They are just as mad about the bad cops as we are…

        1. “They are just as mad about the bad cops as we are…”


          How many bad cops have they turned in?

          You DO realize that they have ZERO Constitutional authority to even EXIST, do you not???

          Complicity by their silence on their fellow gang members’ criminal activities makes THEM bad cops as well.

          1. Well, if we didn’t have any cops you would be using your fire arm every day. What do you think the low lifes would do if there were no cops?

            It’s insane to think we could live in a world with out law and order. Ya, there are some bad cops and if we prosecuted them things would get better but we don’t so you have all this crazy sh!t going down.

            Very seldom do you read about the good cops. Only the bad ones make the headlines…..

            My brother in law is a cop in Orlando. His wife always complains he spends so much money every week feeding the homeless and helping others out. There are no stories about him in the papers or online.

            some of the stories he tells me makes my stomach turn and I wonder why he stays on the job..

        2. Consider this… the vast majority of the so-called ‘laws’ they enforce are ONLY designed to subjugate the public, as well as EXTRACT MAMMON from us. They are nothing more than ICM enforcers, and their only duty is to ‘Protect and Serve’… THE CORPORATE INTERESTS, NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

          There was a family I knew in L.A. since 1980. I’ve known the son of the 2nd oldest daughter (there were 4 of them) since he was 5 or 6 years old. Good kid, never got in any trouble. Became a Believer in his late teens, got married, had a couple kids. He had a good job, but he wanted to do more… so he became a part-time LAPD. Rode a motorcycle, mostly did traffic control at events on weekends or sometimes weekday evenings. But he sometimes got other calls, and he had seen some of the corruption and blatant brutality (impossible NOT to see where LA pigs are concerned). I took him aside one day (not long after I myself had awakened) and flatly told him “David, being a good Christian, you do realize that sooner or later you’re going to HAVE to make a choice, right? You can’t continue working for them knowing what you know,… they are NOT on the side of the American people.”
          He looked at me and said “Don’t tell anyone… I haven’t even told my wife yet, but I’ve already decided to quit.”

          THAT, my friend, is MY definition of a good cop. One who SAW the brutality and REFUSED to participate any longer!!!

          I have more respect for that man as a (former) cop than any other cop I’ve met in my entire life!

          And now, I’m going back to calling a spade a spade… PIGS!

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