Another fool takes the lethal injection.

Since the original article was posted on the Trenches a while back, I think everyone should see the updates added to it. Apparently, Michael Zimmerman has thrown in his lot and has had himself injected with Moderna lethal injection.

24 January 2021 update: I’m pleased to say that this morning I received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine. Yes, when I originally wrote this essay, I said I was opposed to any vaccine approved by the Trump administration because of the way they had let their political aspirations overshadow science. But rational human beings and all scientists follow the data. As information changes, opinions need to follow suit. Given that vaccine approval was based on data rather than politics, I changed my opinion. I hope everyone reading this note opts to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

17 March 2021 update: I received my second Moderna shot three weeks ago and tomorrow I’m volunteering at a local vaccination clinic. The good news is that there are so many people willing to volunteer that it was almost more difficult to find a volunteer spot than it was to find a location to receive my own vaccination! I hope everyone reading this has already been vaccinated or plans to become vaccinated at the earliest possible time.

7 thoughts on “Another fool takes the lethal injection.

  1. Rocks in his head! It gives you a kind of pause while grasping the stupidity…..The idiots of mankind abound…As I sit in my truck, gaze out my window after reading about another dolt asshat who runs out of mental capacity, putting a kind of smile across my beek…

    The words just come as my head shakes…Just think at this very moment, this mush minded clowns DNA is forever changing, killing all that is good..

    1. I honestly will have no sympathy when all these idiots who are taking the lethal injections start dropping like flies in a freezer. Plenty of doctors are speaking out about the dangers of these ‘vaccines’. The propaganda machine labels them all “conspiracy theorists” and “science deniers”, etc., but only the stupid believe such lies.

      1. And then this moron goes out, knocks up somebody, has kids, those kids DNA is something akin to a three headed circus freak…Now their lives are fkd, who pays for that?

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