Another One Bites The Dust! 13th Official Banker Death Reported, JPMorgan Attorney

Before It’s News – by Susan Duclos

I was just reminded that I should have informed readers of the recent blockbuster news that JPMorgan has multi-billion dollar life insurance policies on employees betting on their early deaths, to the tune of 10.4 billion dollars.  (Thanks S)

The JPMorgan linked deaths are piling up as yet another death is added to the tally, bringing theofficial number to 13, yet when lower level banksters are added in, that number tops twenty, and yet official causes of death are either unknown, ruled accidental or “suicides,” despite previous warnings, by “V” The Guerrilla Economist via Steve Quayle,  of an actual hit list with over three dozen names on it was revealed after the fourth mysterious banker death.  


Giampapa, 56, of the Northwest Side, was an accomplished long-distance cyclist and corporate attorney for JPMorgan Chase in Columbus. He was a longtime resident of Victorian Village who had moved with his wife, Thelma, into a condominium near Dublin about two years ago.


Giampapa was biking north on Troy-Sidney Road, near Loy Road, outside of Piqua just after 11 a.m. Saturday when a minivan struck him from behind, Miami County Deputy Todd Tennant said. Giampapa was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man that struck and killed Giampapa was 78 years-old, and while it is unimaginable that he had anything to do with some type of hit squad, the death of ANOTHER JPMorgan employee also cannot be ignored.


1 – William Broeksmit

2- Karl Slym

3 – Gabriel Magee

4 – Mike Dueker

5 – Richard Talley

6 -Tim Dickenson

7 – Ryan Henry Crane

8 – Li Junjie

9 – James Stuart Jr

10 – Autumn Radtke

11 – Edmund (Eddie) Reilly

12 – Kenneth Bellando

The chart below the video was made by a Wake up America reader, color codes explained above the chart.

More from Christopher Greene at AMTV, below.

Explanation of the chart below, via email:

The teal boxes are the dead bankers, after the bankers name is the method of death.

The green oval are various companies they are tied to or worked for.

Red boxes are people that the dead bankers are tied to that are in themselves important and in the news.

The big orange oval is the scandal of the banks doing currency manipulation and if you look all but three of the dead bankers seem to be directly or indirectly tied to the scandal.

Richard Talley – He’s the one who shot himself multiple times with a nail gun. His company was being investigated for robosigning mortgage documents but I can’t find any ties to the other players.

Autumn Radtke – She was CEO of First Mehta which is a currency trading company that trades online currencies for real currencies, it’s likely she is connected as it’s currency trading but she also was featured a year ago in an article about where she admitted she had suffered suicidal depression her hole life. So it’s also possible she did commit suicide after all, especially since she lost a fortune when the bit coin trading center in Japan closed down.

Edmund Reilly – I can’t find much about Midtown Vertical Group other than they are a funding company that provides money in exchange for share in bio-medical companies.   He was going through a very nasty divorce and the day before he jumped in front of that commuter train he had found out how much his exwife and kids were geting in support payments.

Bankers Deaths Chart

5 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust! 13th Official Banker Death Reported, JPMorgan Attorney

  1. I have been working on this for a while now, too. I have linked some of these to the Central Bank Fire in Argentina and also George Soros and Agenda 21. It all comes back to global currency manipulation and the New World Order that old Soro’s wants so much.

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