Another Witness in Michael Brown Shooting Found Dead

Demonstrators raise their hands while protesting the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri.TeleSur TV

Another witness of the shooting of Michael Brown has been found dead in a dry channel near River Des Peres in Misssouri, local authorities confirmed.

The man has been identified as 23-year-old Shawn Gray, a black man who testified during the grand jury proceedings over the killing of Brown by former police officer Darren Wilson.   

According to relatives and friends, Gray was last seen leaving a restaurant on Thanksgiving Day. The manner and cause of his death are pending autopsy results. However, his family is demanding answers and say the death could have been premeditated murder.

Another witness DeAndre Joshua, also a young black man, was found shot dead and his car was torched outside the same neighborhood where Brown was killed.

Two witnesses of the Brown shooting have now been found dead under suspicious circumstances, while local authorities have not announced any leads in either case, and the press has provided minimal coverage.

The police murders of black young men in recent months has provided a stark reminder to the world of the harsh reality faced by many black communities in the United States. Their deaths exposed the continued persecution of black people.

Mass protests against these injustices have taken place across the country. Protesters are demanding justice for black lives lost at the hands of state sanctioned violence, with over 100 days of peaceful protest ranging from #HandsUpWalkOut and solidarity days with Ferguson.–20141208-0044.html

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  1. James Bergen says:

    After 3 atemps in America by the American police for trying to file a complaint against them that could get a offiers fired. And finally fleeing America under death threat by the police in America. It do make me as well wonder about what went on or happens to any one that the police just have a I don’t like against in America.

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