‘Anti-Jewish hatred is alive and kicking’

Jul 27, 2020

Actor Tracy-Ann Oberman is one of the people leading the movement against Twitter for not taking down anti-Semitic tweets.

Number 10 said social media companies must ‘go much further and faster in removing hateful content’ from their platforms.

The comments from Downing Street came in the wake of Twitter’s perceived inaction to address antisemitic tweets posted by grime artist Wiley.

A number of users, including celebrities and politicians, are staging a 48-hour walkout from the platform next week in response.

14 thoughts on “‘Anti-Jewish hatred is alive and kicking’

  1. Quote, the infuriating kind:

    “Ashkenazi Jews might have a marginal advantage over their gentile peers when it comes to thinking better. Where their advantage more often lies is in thinking different.”
    — Bret Stephens, The Secrets of Jewish Genius, The New York Times, 12/27/19


    1. Most of the rest of the population don’t sit around conjuring up evil, which is your different kind of thinking, stinking scumbags.

    2. Jews think better when it comes to lying and cheating his neighbor out of his money.
      The Film Flam Man said , “You can’t cheat an honest man” In the context of the movie maybe, but in real life, it happens all the time.

  2. It’s a beautiful day. Miss Deer came up with her 2 cute new little ones, so I fed her. The little birds feed the little ones, they make a little peeper sound like a coach’s whistle, as the mom picks up seed and feeds the baby. Then there’s the chipmunks- not like back east, these ones are tiny, maybe the size of a gerbil but colored like a chipper. They come in families, and there’s around a dozen of them chasing each other and making these cute little noises. They are just happiness, and they all bring me alot of real love and happiness for a while….AND THEN, THERE’S THESE BLOODY ADRENOCHROME DRINKING TALMUDISTS WHO HAVE URSULA LOCKED UP- TO FU*K IT ALL UP!!!!!!!! YEAH YENTA_ I HATE YOU!!!! No, not all Js, just “Our Club” Js…we live in the club of humanity.

  3. Its not Anti-Jew anything maggot. It is pure survival to identify any one person or group of any kind that is hell bent on domination and openly describes you as animals etc…. Your words are meant for the ignorant and weak, those who will keep believing your well crafted lies of victim hood.

  4. Well
    Epstein and Weinstein sure sound like a problem to me
    And those names sure sound like they they get away with a lot worse than we probably know

    Oh, and he ain’t dead either
    Probably fondling a 12 year old right now
    Protected by our Jew handlers

  5. It is alive because it is kept alive by their actions, and their actions, alone. If they’d quit exalting themselves as “chosen”, and making 98% of the rest of the world suffer them and their ilk, this existence would be far more enjoyable.

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