6 thoughts on “Anti-Zionist Jews exposed

  1. David, help me out here, please. Is the old man anti-zionist, yet he states the same things about non joos that the zionists state?

    If I’m correct here, the anti zionists are no better than the zionists, right. Actually NOT standing against the zionists!

    1. Hi Katie. This is how I understood the interview. The first text reads, “Hassidic Anti-Zionists”. What I gleaned is that the Anti-Zionists reluctantly admit the goy aren’t human and that they gleefully see us as their slaves. Perhaps others deduced something different?

      1. Janet, I did note the reference to Hassidic Anti-Zionists and wondered if this was the key to my question.

        Thanks for the input.

        1. Maybe David will comment during the show. I have Jewish friends back home, one an especially dear friend of over 25 years who has been like a brother to me. Sometimes I feel like a traitor to him but then I see things like this. And the Hollywood and Music Industry debacle…….sigh.

  2. He says, “The Jews control themselves. So therefore, they are human.”



    Oh man, that made my day.

    “All the non-Jews of the world exist to serve the Jews”

    WOW! Who died and made them king of the world?

    My God sure didn’t.

    Look at the smirk on that young kike’s face. Hope he hangs by the balls.

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