5 thoughts on “Antifa gets kicked out in Fort Collins, Colorado

  1. I don’t know why these links didn’t come in live, but they are worth the time to copy and paste. Yeah, I know cops came at the end, but until that point, wow!! These 2 short vids show how it’s done. These guys are modeling the method.


  2. I much preferred the first link because there was no mention of getting back to their rally in support of the police. 10 to 1 they are Trumptards, but they got some good licks on the antifa’s.

  3. Thank you for standing your ground and pushing these misguided kids away.
    Save your anger and bullets for the ones who twisted these kids minds and coaxed and instigated this insurrection.

    1. Flek, maybe a few of them are “misguided kids” but lately I am seeing them as the ‘soldiers of the enemy,’ well-funded and highly trained, and very, very cruel, even to the elderly. Ruthless are they – encouraged and emboldened by those advancing the commie agenda. Low tolerance here.


  4. Who else here wanted to see them just get beaten to an absolute pulp to send a REAL message? Personally I’d much prefer that these altercations weren’t filmed & that they were done “properly” if you get my drift ie “no antifas ever came here AND they never returned home” 😉

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