ANTIFA pamphlet calls for the “purge of white race”


Apparently, we live in a time where anti-white racism is being normalized. According to the extreme-Leftists, such as ANTIFA, you cannot be racist to a white guy.

At least this seems to be the case in the USA where this incident took place.

An ANTIFA anti-Trump protester forgot to through some things in the trash can. It was a number of pamphlets revealing a terrifying slogan:  

The evil white race must be destroyed!

The white race is apparently evil, and we must be destroyed. I wonder what would had happened if the pamphlet was the other way around…

What if this -apparently- terrorist organization had swapped out “white” for “black”. Don’t you think the mainstream media would had covered the story? And -of course- there would be riots in the streets…

These people have been sadly brainwashed by a corrupt education system and a biased mainstream media. It is just sad to watch young minds go to waste.

In an unexpected way, the election of Donald Trump in the US Presidency alone, was enough to facilitate the exposure of this organized movement’s mentality for what it really is: They are just a hateful organization.


5 thoughts on “ANTIFA pamphlet calls for the “purge of white race”

  1. Idiots. They won’t recognize this old ploy of pit the races against one another while they continue to loot and enslave both.

    Get the H out of this country and go where you can spew this crap elsewhere because we are done with all of you collectivists bent on destroying the remnants of what is left here.

  2. I have a better solution.
    When send all the blacks back to Africa.
    The Whites back to Iceland.
    Then all the Mexicans back to Siberia.
    Oh and all the Japs..Koreans..Philippinos..Gaums.. oh….let’s see who’d I forget…
    Oh yeah…those French…Germans..Russians…
    Oh…can’t forget those..Italians…
    The Irish can stay.. because they like to drink and get fked up.

    But as far as the rest of you muthrfkrs.
    Ya just gotta go.
    And take a fkng Puertorican with you while your at it.

    Did I forget anyone…?

    Then we’ll just start over from there.

      1. Your Irish as far as I’m concerned.
        You can stay…
        Considering what you were drinking on new years.

        I think I have some Irish in me.
        Some Jewish to…
        When I’m being a cheap tightwad at the swapmeet.

  3. Too bad the poster didn’t have pix of ANTIFAs leaders on it–likely because these leaders are mostly white… What I wonder though is how many whites among the idiots in the Entertainment biz actually support this nonsense based on the typical Hollywood hubris that they believe, that no ANTIFA black or whoever would ever harm their wealthy, Gated-community Beverly-Belleaire asses.

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