ANTIFA – Portland August 17, 2019

Published on Aug 17, 2019

7 thoughts on “ANTIFA – Portland August 17, 2019

  1. Zio-commie wet-dream. Have them fight each other so they won’t fight us.

    Beyond the global commie funding, much of the blame is on the universities, tools of corruption, perversion, control.


      1. I’m the one in the black duct tape best me and my girl we were going down to the waterfront to see the boats and Teva caught us they start beating me down for no reason there are a bunch of little kids they’re screaming horror Nazis were Nazis and then later they were carrying a Nazi flag these kids don’t know what they are

        1. Geez Will, that is horrible that you got caught in that hate and ignorance and that you were hit. I hope you are healing up okay and are strong enough to not let this insanity take you down. The best to you and your girl. Could not have been easy to go through that.

          The real fight is for The Bill of Rights. The rest is set up to divide us. I don’t know if you have visited this site much, but I hope you continue to do so.


          1. ps: So you were going to see the boats, but what was written on the back of your vest? I could not read it.


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