Antifa Protesters Crash Heather Heyer’s Funeral

The Daily Caller – by Amber Randall

A group of antifascist protesters armed with purple shields and bats showed up to the Wednesday funeral of a woman mowed down by a white supremacist who struck her with a vehicle.

Antifa, a collection of left-wing protesters, decided to crash the funeral of Heather Heyer, a white woman who died after a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of protesters during a white nationalist riot.

The antifascist activists claimed they showed up armed because “the police won’t protect the people,” according to a reporter on the scene.

Heyer died during a white supremacist rally over the potential removal of a Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee. The rally broke out into violence between armed white nationalists and antifa protesters throwing balloons filled with ink and urine and bricks at the white nationalists gathered there.

The line to enter Heyer’s funeral, hosted at the Paramount theater in Charlottesville, reached two blocks.

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7 thoughts on “Antifa Protesters Crash Heather Heyer’s Funeral

  1. That was awful fast for a funeral, looks like they are rushing to bury the coffin before anyone looks inside.

    1. My thought also Vekar. Did they dump her at sea with Bin Laden or send her to China to be melted real quick (911)?

  2. LOL…look at the fat pigs. 25.00$ hr. more food for me!!!! PIGS need to protest more to get old George’s chump change.

  3. Throwing urine, bricks. ink proclaiming that they are good and the whites are
    a very special type of evil. Some one is dead and it is the right one. NEXT

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