Antifa protests against ending the lockdown in Germany

The Post Millennial – by Collin Jones

Police deployed water cannons on Saturday in an effort to break up an antifa demonstration that was disrupting an anti-lockdown rally in Hamburg, Germany. 

The authorities were called to action after 120 antifa counter-protesters, dressed in black hoodies, consistently ignored requests to steer clear of the “Vigil for the Basic Law” rally against the lockdown measures.

The initial lockdown protest featured those who insisted that the government reopen the economy. This group was given the go-ahead to move forward with their event after the organizers agreed to keep the limit of attendees below 750 as opposed to the thousands who would usually be allowed to show up if not for social distancing measures installed due to the pandemic.

The protestors who were permitted to be out were obeying social distancing protocols, and asking that the government make testing more available as opposed to keeping everyone quarantined.

But it did not take long before antifa counter-protesters took to the streets to ironically side of the government against those who simply want to get back to work.

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5 thoughts on “Antifa protests against ending the lockdown in Germany

  1. Antifa protesting that the Govt isn’t being fascist enough…..This is the shit we get when Soros funds clowns like this

  2. What a really dumb article! So the anti-lockdown protesters “were obeying social distancing protocols” AND “asking that the government make testing more available as opposed to keeping everyone quarantined”. WOW! And then antifa comes along to protest THEM? Can anyone say “STAGED EVENT”! :O

    1. The pretzel logic surrounding this is insufferable and makes my head spin. My confusion tells me that’s EXACTLY what they wanted the reader to feel?! Haha MAYBE? Aw, heck, who knows with how crazy and stupid some people are anymore. slave joo world. ..

  3. This certainly was a manipulative article with a title falsely representing an attack on freedom. And then, on the other side of it the agenda kicks in of obedience, compliance, and asking permission. And more divide and conquer. But still, there are dupes in that antifa faction that frikkin’ side with the repressive government, who support the insanity of the lockdowns; they are the little commie ba*tards we need to move out of the way. Sure, some are paid professionals, but many are severely brainwashed, products of a Marxist university system that has been covering the planet for a few decades. They worship the oppressors and sleep believing they’re in the right.


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