11 thoughts on “Antifa teacher responds to video of him admitting to indoctrinating students

  1. I wonder how many parents took their child out of that school and are now home schooling
    This guy needs to be catapulted over the rainbow

  2. So he’s complaining about being supposedly treated in the same way he and his woke useful idiots intend to treat those that oppose him and his commie filth ilk? Ah, projection, one of the pillars of Freudian Psychology…but a commie’s gonna do what a commie’s gonna do…until his useful idiot a$$ is either dealt with in a proper fashion or his masters throw him to the trash pile if you know what I mean…

  3. Take it easy on him
    It’s been a few days since his mommy tucked him in

    Seriously though
    What makes a person like this anyways ?

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