Anybody got a title for this?

Once a time at riverside we had rat infestation

They infiltrated everything as if a hoard of mason

We reasoned ‘leave and you’ll be spared’

They laughed at what we said

The dogs and I instilled our plan

And now they all be dead.

8 thoughts on “Anybody got a title for this?

    1. (Laughing)
      I’m Waaaaay far south of a grade A grammar student, let alone a writer.
      Think parable. That is what my thoughts were.
      What i did was take a life experience and put it to what needs to be done.

      PS. This may be the only comment I’m able to post today, if it posts. i cleaned out cookies and such but we’ll see. Maybe #1 is having the same issues.

      PPS. ‘Garbage’ was already considered as title but it’s a “pubicle hair”(as my brother would say) better then that. LOL

      1. Sorry, should have been Hal, not Hall, but you already knew this. I considered it to have been a parable. I still think, Don’t mess with Hal & his dogs is appropriate, as this is an individual fight.

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