Anything to confess? Aussie Catholics will be branded foreign agents, bishops warn


Catholics in Australia could soon be forced to register as agents of the Vatican if a proposed foreign interference law come into place, bishops are warning.

The Australian government is pushing for lobbyists and representatives of foreign governments to be listed on a new register as part its crackdown on espionage and political interference – a move which could, technically, be extended to members of the Catholic church.  

Under the proposed legislation, those acting on behalf of a foreign government would be required to register with the government or face criminal charges for failure to be transparent.

Catholics are followers of Jesus Christ, we are not agents of a foreign government,” said Bishop Robert McGuckin of Toowoomba, addressing the parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee about the proposed legislation. “The Catholic Church in Australia is made up of millions of Australian citizens who practice their faith, and they are not beholden to a foreign power.”

McGuckin added that the broad language in the bill would include every Catholic, noting that the church’s followers “make up more than 20 percent of the population of Australia”.

The current draft legislation is “based on the incorrect belief that the Catholic Church in Australia acts on behalf of a foreign government, i.e. Vatican City State,” according to the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, which proposed their own draft for the bill which exempts religion.

Liberal Party member Andrew Hastie said he wasn’t convinced the bill needed to be amended as the legislation was simply, “seeking to protect Australia and its interests“.

If you’re seeking to build Australia and not undermine it as an Australian citizen then you shouldn’t be concerned,” Hastie told the ABC.

Our agencies have told us that we’re experiencing unprecedented levels of espionage and foreign interference in this country — directed against our political institutions, our commercial interests, our critical infrastructure and our migrant communities,” he added.

The bill would also broaden the definition of espionage, and make it a criminal offence to receive any classified information without authorization. It would also ban political parties and organizations from receiving donations.

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  2. John Nolan says:

    It is not the average, beguiled Roman Catholic adherent that could be the problem, but it is the pope and his co-conspirators, arch-bishops, cardinals etc., who are the true enemy of the state, as they work toward establishing their one world church. Their New World Order.
    Russia has never been our enemy!
    What better way is there for a power crazed system to take over the world, than under the guise of ‘religion’?
    Who would suspect them? Who can fight a ‘church’?
    But, careful research of history will reveal how subtly the ‘church’ has subjugated just about all powers, including Amazia, Russia, Europe, etc. to their false religious domination.

  3. Lina says:

    The Builders (Catholic Church) versus the Destroyers (Judaism) aka Catholicism (universality) versus Judaism (globalism/Communism)

    The media is controlled by J$ws (for 100 years) so naturally the Church gets attacked. There are lots of half truths, disinfo. The wolves in sheep clothing are ruling us. Innocent people are are being jailed and guilty are set free.

    Inquisitions was the purging of j-e-w-i-sh heretics, apostates, usurers and money changers and slave traders there should be a million more inquisitions since the j-ew–s that has taken over in the last 200 years has destroyed society. The question you should ask is why is your cult supporting the apostate demonic state of i-sr-aHell1948 via political z-i-o-n-i-sm that has genocided millions of people in the last 70 years ?

    Monarchy versus Democrazy! (Democracy is a deception)

    “There is an unjust persecution which the wicked inflict on the Church of Christ, and there is a just persecution which the Church of Christ inflicts on the wicked.” – The Letters of St. Augustine, volume IV
    The Expulsion of the Jews, by Emilio Salas

    And I’m also fully aware that The Church is THE only church that is continually under assault from EVERY direction……”the world will hate you for My Name’s sake”.

    Jesus kicked ass and Chases The Money Changers Out of The Temple

    Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King (Democazy vs Monarchy)


    “The Catholic Church. Outlasting Oppressive Governments Since 33 AD”

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