Appalachian People, Culture, and History

Delightful, less than 20 minute vid is a small piece of our nation’s history. Also covers a bit of The American Revolution, The Whiskey Rebellion. I wouldn’t miss it.

Published on Apr 15, 2019

While the Appalachian Mountains stretch from parts of Canada to Alabama, the cultural region of Appalachia typically refers only to the central and southern portions ranging from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, south-westerly to the Great Smoky Mountains, and is called home by approximately 25 million people.…

Appalachian people are considered a separate culture, made up of many unique backgrounds—Native Americans, Irish, English and Scotch, and then a third descendants of German and Polish immigrants—all blended together across the region.

Clog dancer: Mr. Paul Shelnutt

Robert Sepehr is an author, producer, and anthropologist.…

4 thoughts on “Appalachian People, Culture, and History

  1. I did not know it was Washington who crushed The Whiskey Rebellion and that the same men who fought with him were now rebelling against his whiskey tax. I also did not know how much the Scotch/Irish contributed to the Revolution. Going against the king was in their blood ’cause they knew first hand what that oppression meant. They came out of all this with a reputation of being amazingly fierce fighters. I just seem to be so in awe of them.


  2. One reason Scots-Irish joined the Revolution was that the English indentured them. Most descendants (such as myself) of Scots-irish were descended from indentured servants (as were some English as well, and of course, Irish). And speaking of “fierce fighters,” the book “Born Fighting” by former senator Jim Webb verifies what you state. I attribute my thick skin (developed after years of being bullied in schools) to my Scots-Irish ancestry.

    Texas also has clog dancing, by descendants of Germans in the Hill Country between San Antonio and Sonora which includes Kerrville and Junction, etc.

    1. Thanks, DL. Interesting that something positive can come out of being indentured. To be able to fight fiercely is a big part of being fully human. Without that we doormats.


  3. now I understand why Henry calls it the hijacking of the uprising ,George Washington was No patriot he was a Traitor, that’s why the Bill of Rights was created ,all they they did was get rid of a king and put another king in ,I think they should have finished the jod and hung all the traitors and been done with it!

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