Appalachian Settlers and Their Dwellings

Published on Aug 8, 2012 by Edmond Marchetti

A short film about the Scotch-Irish and German settlers of Appalachia and the unique structures that they built. Narrated by author Katie Letcher Lyle.

9 thoughts on “Appalachian Settlers and Their Dwellings

    1. Wow! Such heart and respect spoken, by this woman, for the memory of their ancestors and the connection to the soil.

      1. As of 2014 the population was 2,154. Still a pretty small town.

        I’d love to travel through this part of the country and go back into the hills and mountains and sit on porches and just get to know some of the folks, those that have been born and bred there.

        Maybe some day.

  1. Man I really have to humble myself.

    I thought living in a moldy leaky 1993 trailer with no indoor plumbing was rough.

    I guess I still got it pretty good.

    People nowadays are a bunch of fkng puzzys.

    Wah… wah wah…

    Spoonfead infants.

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