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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Banning ‘Hate, Division’ Is ‘Right Thing to Do’

Published on Dec 3, 2018

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks before the Anti-Defamation League – a left-wing and partisan Democrat outfit that postures as an opponent of anti-Semitism – about his support for political censorship across Apple’s digital platforms. Both he and Jonathan Greenblatt (the ADL’s president) prasie Apple’s decision to ban Alex Jones across Apple’s digital platforms, including iTunes and the company’s app store.

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6 Responses to Apple CEO Tim Cook: Banning ‘Hate, Division’ Is ‘Right Thing to Do’

  1. Cynicles says:

    Overlord, make it easy on us. Just tell us what we lowly proles what you allow us to say.

  2. daman says:

    All I hear is……We should be allowed to bring in cheap and uneducated foreign labor for our apple cell phone manufacturing plants!!!

  3. flee says:

    I can’t rationalize any statement from a ceo fag that likes to suck cock and eat azz.

    Apple OS 13. ..

    We’ll suck ur dik.

    Now back to r sponsors.

  4. Bluwater says:

    That’s rich: Ban Alex Jones, one of the biggest shills for Israel around.

    Dog & Pony Show

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