Arctic Air Blast To Return To Midwest to Northeast Early This Week

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The air-mass is starting to become much colder again as a deep trough carves into the region starting the end of the weekend, maximizing Monday and Tuesday … and lasting for a couple days thereafter, before lifting near the weekend.

While not as cold as the record breaking event earlier this month, this bout of arctic air will get as cold as -40 to -45F as far as wind chills are concerned … for parts of Minnesota.  The coldest period will be Monday night through Wednesday morning for the entire region.  Here are some of the city readings for wind chills during this event.  

-30 to -40F
Minneapolis, Fargo, Sioux Falls, Davenport IA …

-20 to -30F
Chicago, Indianapolis, Burlington VT …

-10 to -20
Omaha, Des Moines, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New York, Harford CT , Boston MA, Washington DC, Detroit …

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2 thoughts on “Arctic Air Blast To Return To Midwest to Northeast Early This Week

  1. OH NO!!!!,…..

    Here comes another bout of Golbal Warming!!!!!

    JD – US Marines – I guess for the Communist Puesdoscientists,… we need Global Cooling for it to get warmer……

  2. Just for clarification,does Al Gore feel this is a product of “global warming” or merely “climate change?”The peoples of the earth constanty destroy the environment because they haven’t the resources or technology to better themselves.They are truly bereft of such tools because they have given their resources to government so as to fill the earth with depleated uranium in the name of freedom and especially democracy which no one in their right mind would desire to begin with.I don’t wish to be ruled by a majority which is indoctrinated and kept ignorant from birth.Nah,I’ll think for myself and buy my own chance.Better to die like a winner than live like a loser.

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