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Are Americans really so stupid?

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7 Responses to Are Americans really so stupid?

  1. c. walker says:

    just doing her job

  2. Katie says:

    Nope! Not this American. I can name some that fall into this category though.

  3. Enemy of the State says:

    I am fully aware , and i do not give my consent

    yet , my voice doesnt seem to count right now …

    so when it does seem to matter , i will also be exercising my 2nd right to give strength to all the other rights i hold dear

  4. Cynicles says:

    Ben usually makes strong, straight forward comments on twatter.
    Just be careful, he does not like joo.

  5. DL. says:

    No, but too many Americans are afraid to defend their Bill of Rights. They many own guns but may not choose to use them when it will really matter. And I know that there are a lot of former soldiers, having killed innocent civilians, who are or will be choosing to suicide themselves–or become raging alcoholics over it, or drug users. Of course, some of them turn into psychopaths and become cops…

  6. Cab says:

    Where are the peacemakers? Where are the pastors calling for national repentance? God is going to destroy America. Jeremiah says we were ‘once a golden cup in the Lord’s hand, and we would have healed her, but she is not healed.’ Read Jeremiah 50 and 51. Scripture calls us a Destroying Mountain and Destroyer of the Whole Earth and Hammer of the Whole Earth, but God says, “I will turn you into a burning mountain and roll you down.” Now we’re picking on Venezuela, after all the horrors we’ve already put them through. America is a very sick, selfish and wicked country and Judgment Day is coming soon for us.

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