Are billionaires really self-isolating on superyachts?


When entertainment mogul David Geffen shared an image of his superyacht “Rising Sun” at sea alongside the caption “isolated in the Grenadines” last month, it’s fair to say the post ruffled a few feathers.

However well-meaning his message may have been intended, many felt the billionaire came off as tone deaf, pointing out that self-isolating on a $590 million superyacht (pictured in 2017, above) during the coronavirus pandemic didn’t seem like much of a hardship.

In fact, the reaction was so strong, he later deleted the post, which included the message, “I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.”

However, in the weeks since then, various stories have emerged of the uber rich hopping on private jets and going into quarantine onboard a luxury yacht.

But given the ongoing travel restrictions across the world — not to mention that, while advice may differ from country to country, people are by and large being instructed to “stay at home” — is yacht operation even possible at the moment?

For those owners with a full crew who are stationed in a location where supplies can be brought over to them, it seems it’s very much possible, albeit something of a rarity.

“We have a limited number of private yacht owners who have elected to isolate on their yachts,” Rupert Connor from Luxury Yacht Group LLC tells CNN Travel.

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