Are DHS ‘front’ companies capturing your kids irises and fingerprints?


Colleges and elementary schools want your child’s irises!

Virginia Commonwealth University is the latest school to record your kids biometrics. VCU announced last week it had added two iris cameras to their campus dining hall.

“Students won’t need their ID to enter the dining center anymore,” said Stephen Barr, the director of campus services who oversees VCU Dining Services. “With iris identification, it’s as simple as a camera taking a picture of their eyes and two seconds later they walk through.”

The iCAM 7100 iris cameras, made by ColorID, take a high-definition photo of the user’s iris and then identify 220-plus unique points. It then generates a number, which is associated with that individual meal plan holder’s iris.

Almost EVERY iris, fingerprint scanner company hired by schools appear to be DHS ‘fronts’.

What is a “front”?

According to the BusinessDictionary:  “A front company can be used to protect a parent corporationor brand from negative publicity in the event of a mishap, and may also be used to conceal illegalactivities.”

Here are a few examples of DHS hiding behind companies to record everyone’s biometrics:

Example 1: ColorID has close ties to DHS, click here, here & here to find out more.

“Colorid LLC is a contractor in the industry. Last year, they won 6 contracts worth $339,322. Since 2000, the contractor has performed 108 contracts with a total obligation amount of $8.15 Million, which means Colorid LLC is a large government contractor.”

Do you really a want a private company recording your kids biometrics in the name of safety and convenience?

Schools like George Mason University and University of New Hampshire are already using iris scanning technology.

image credit: gmufourthestate

In 2014, all incoming freshman with meal plans will have their eyes scanned, specifically their irises, in order to enter dining halls. According to Mark Kraner, the executive director of Campus Retail Operations.

“According to Kraner, bringing Anytime Dining and the Iris scanners to Mason has been in the works for the past year and a half. Mason Dining evaluated both of these new ideas by looking at the success of similar programs at other east coast universities, such as University of Georgia and University of New Hampshire. Kraner said that most universities that had an Anytime Dining program abandoned the campus ID and replaced it with a noninvasive scanner. “

Back in 2013 a Florida elementary school system allowed a private company called Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (SCSS) to record over 750 kids irises:

“The pilot program would have operated without cost to the district for 60 days but still required a contract. District staff members, however, allowed Stanley Convergent onto three East Polk campuses to scan children’s eyes before a contract was finalized.”

SCSS’s iris scanner “BlinkSpot” makes its money by putting iris scanners on school buses.

BlinkSpot’s promotional video along with ominous music warns parents everywhere how their kids are at risk and why every school bus should be using their iris scanners! They even boast about how they trick kids into looking into a mirror that’s really an iris scanner (approx.1:50 into the video):

BlinkSpot was developed in conjunction with 3M Cogent which is a subsidiary of the 3M Company. BlinkSpot claims to have a 99% accuracy rate and is operated by Eye-D through a private, secure and dedicated Verizon data portal. FYI, Verizon works closely with DHS, click here  & here to read more.

Example 2: The 3M Company has close ties to DHS, click here, here & here to read more.

In 2012 3M Company hired DHS’s general Counsel Ivan Fong:

“3M Co. has hired Ivan Fong as its general counsel, the same position he has held the last three years with the DHS.”

“BlinkSpot also provides innovative and nonintrusive sponsorship opportunities to augment technology acquisition and school budgets.”

You read that right; DHS sorry, I mean the 3M company will provide taxpayer funded grants to put biometric scanners in every school across the country!

Example 3: SCSS works closely with DHS, they even work with the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center!

Rick Speidell Area VP for SCSS works closely with DHS.
Jerry Walker VP of sales at SCSS works closely with DHS.
Daniel Myslewski is VP of SCSS’s government program which works closely with DHS!

“Daniel Myslewski is recognized for his innovative problem solving experience and expertise in motivating and directing large organizations supporting $100+ million revenue streams in the federal, defense, commercial and homeland security arenas.’

Kevin Bonine and Kevin Brooks at SCSS works closely with DHS.

DHS, sorry I mean SCSS is developing iris readers called ‘ EyeSwipe or EyeLock” to be used on school campuses everywhere.

Students from kindergarten through college are being “assessed” In July I wrote how schools are giving every student “threat assessments” and how they’re using data analytics to “assess every students mental health“.  Welcome to Police State America where our government uses “front’ companies to spy on EVERYONE!

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