Are the Corporate Elite Secretly Attempting to Contaminate our Rivers and Water supply?

Since 2010, our waters have been contaminated by chemicals that seem to be at first glance, “accidents”. But what if they were not accidents but planned to make it appear that way? What are the chances of all of these chemical accidents happening one after the other for the past 4 years but before that, there were never any problems. One can only assume that since there is no accountability in our government, the corporate elite can have as many “accidents” as they so desire without impunity.

In 2010, a BP oil rig blew up and spilled an enormous amount of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Weeks later, the beaches all along the Gulf coast were filled with tar and dead fish and birds. After stopping the spill, BP used a chemical to dissolve the oil from the water supply. However, rumor has it from some of my friends who have family in the military, that the chemical didn’t dissolve it, but merely suppressed it below the surface of the water and is now stuck at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. If that’s the case, what will happen when that chemical deteriorates? Will the oil resurface? Of course, you won’t find or hear anything else on it in the mainstream media until it actually happens. One thing’s for sure is that people along the Gulf Coast are feeling the effects of the toxic chemicals and already have breathing problems, while dead fish and tar continues to brush up on the beaches.

Following the BP oil spill, in 2011, an earthquake and tsunami mysteriously happened to destroy much of the Fukushima power plant in Japan. Some like Jim Stone, former NSA analyst stated in 2012 (whether it’s been debunked yet or not, I don’t know) that the plant was sabotaged and that there was no real tsunami or earthquake but merely a mini-nuke that exploded inside the reactors (see here) in order to punish Japan for not going along with the Zionists plans.

In any case, since then, radiation has been pouring out and contaminating the entire Pacific Ocean and West Coast of the U.S. Fish have wound up with blood coming out their eyes, animals and humans alike along Alaska have been reported to showing symptoms of loss of fur or hair. In addition to that, the beaches of California have recorded dangerously high radiation levels and the debris from Fukushima being washed up on shore, only worsens the situation. Furthermore, Hawaii has become radioactive and the waters around it are most likely all contaminated, despite no warnings from the mainstream media or our government.

Next, in late 2012, we have the Louisiana Sinkhole in Assumption Parish that seems to be only growing in size with each passing day and no one, not even the mainstream media is acknowledging it, let alone doing anything about it. People are forced to relocate from their homes and county officials still have no clue as to how to tackle the problem. (See here)

Just recently, in December 2013, North Dakota had an oil spill that ended up reaching as far as the Missouri River poisoning some of the water there.

(See here)

Even more recently, we have the chemical spill in Charleston, WV where it may be expanding into the Mississippi River (See here) and the spill is so bad that people cannot use the water to shower, let alone drink nor can water filter companies confirm if their filtration systems actually work on filtering out that chemical. Water is being grabbed off the shelves like there’s no tomorrow, leaving many stores empty while FEMA shows up to try and resolve the crisis (and since Hurricane Katrina, we all know how long it will take them to deliver water).

Just today, we find a radiation plume in the waters of the Savannah River in South Carolina and now no one is drinking the water there, either. (See here)

It seems everywhere you turn, another “chemical accident” is happening. What are the chances? I say, one’s an instance, two’s a coincidence, three’s a pattern and four’s a conspiracy.

So let’s sum up, the elite have decimated the Pacific waters with the Fukushima contamination and radiation. They have destroyed the Gulf of Mexico with the BP oil spill. They have polluted part of the Missouri river in North Dakota with another oil spill and are now attempting to poison the waters of West Virginia and the Mississippi River. Finally, they have tainted some of the water in the Savannah River in South Carolina. It almost looks as though they are trying to contaminate our water supply by making things appear as “accidents”.

It seems the next logical step, if they are going after the big rivers, would either be the Colorado River or the Red River (bordering Texas and Oklahoma), as those seem to be the next set of major rivers in the country. Since there have been a lot of fracking and minor earthquakes in both Northern Texas and Oklahoma, I can only imagine if the Red River is next.

However, the corporate elite may decide to kick it up a notch and have an “accident” along the East coast, namely the Atlantic Ocean (if the BP oil spill didn’t destroy much of it already) or more likely the Great Lakes. Also, in recent news, it is being reported that water from the Great Lakes is being sent to China. (See here, here and here) which may be the reason why they haven’t had a “chemical accident” there yet, but with the way things are going, those are the only bodies of water left that haven’t been contaminated.

So would they be crazy enough to pollute the Great Lakes? Well, if they were, people may want to be on the lookout for any “accidents” to possibly occur near the St. Lawrence River or the Gulf of St. Lawrence where it can easily spread into the Great Lakes. Also the rivers along Quebec and Montreal may be susceptible as well.

One thing’s for sure, if all our water becomes infected, you can expect the UN, FEMA and the corporate elite to be the only ones who will have what’s left of the clean water supply. So after studying these incidents, you had better have your own supply of water stored away because if you think they will come to your rescue and shower you with their reserves, then you are in for a rude awakening.

As George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”


26 thoughts on “Are the Corporate Elite Secretly Attempting to Contaminate our Rivers and Water supply?

  1. Hey NC good post. Have listened to Georg C. several times. this clip says it all. Have been running into articles about the coming water shortage, hear ant there, for a few years now. The ptb like to advertise what they are going to do before they do it. This rampant contamination of the worlds water could very well make these water shortage predictions come true.

  2. NC Yes the chemical BP used, corexit 9 did suppress the oil to the bottom of the Gulf. Every time we get a storm it stirs it up. I agree they are poisoning our water. It is in my opinion being done on purpose.

    1. Yea, I was unable to find a quick article or reference on that, but I have heard rumors on it. So for that part of the article, take it as you may.

    2. Hey Missey anyone getting sick from it? i keep running into reports of peoples health being damaged, and of dying sea life in the la area.

      1. Paul a lot of people that live directly on the coast are, and a lot of them got sick during cleanup. Now has it moved further inland? I do not know, we have a lot of cancer here in South Louisiana, always have. Everyday you know someone who has died of cancer, like my neighbor across the street, never smoked, throat cancer twice, and spinal cancer finally killed him, that is a story we here often here, way too often. Is it the Gulf Oil spill or the chemicals they use in farming? We grow a lot of rice and sugar cane down here. It is just frustrating how they pour these chemicals out, and then when it does hurt people, they act like they did not know, the deny, nobody wants responsibility for anything. I will not eat seafood out of the gulf or the pacific, but who’s to say it has not affected our groundwater.

        1. Yes Missy, the only thing on the large farmers mind is money now days. They got the blinders on it seems when it comes to GMO`s and thes dangerous insecticides and chemical fertilizers. Yea, they even are using that GD 2,4 D or whatever they like to call it – ya know the main ingredient of agent orange. When ever you drive by a large feild of corn or any other crop and you do not see any weeds or birds etc. you know with out a doubt that they are using a lot of cancer causeing chemicals. Don`t forget that these chemicals are getting into the ground water and eventually will eventually end up in our bodies reguardless of what their fancy studies may say. Yea Missy, those sugar cane and rice fields are like one big chemical dumping grounds. 🙁 Sick isn`t it .

          1. digger it is completely sick. In Acadia Parish (County), next door, that Parish is almost all rice farmers, they even have several “Rice Research Stations” run by the local universities and government entities. What gets me is that my Grandfather was a rice farmer and he raised cattle. They were extremely poor, he finally got money when they struck oil on some property he had inherited, in his later years, but now these farmers are all driving brand new Ford F250’s ($70,000 truck down here), they have brand new big beautiful tractors ($100,000), they are living in big nice houses ($300,000 +). I have to ask where did this money come from? Monsanto, Dow Chemical to name just a couple is my guess. But they are growing tainted, cancer causing food.

            We have to do our best to grow our own food, and take supplements to counteract all of these evil processes they are contaminating our food supply with.

          2. That is right too Missy. Yep, that is why we need more tutorials like you did yesterday. 😉

          3. I am trying! I am hoping to do one a weekend! With work and a household to take care of, time is hard to find!!! I think this weekend I am going to do Sweet Potato Bark, which is a high vitamin snack!!!

          4. That would be a good one Missy 😉 . Wish I had the energy you and Bulldog have. I really have got to get back into the herbals and stuff like this again. Keep up the great work Missy and Bulldog

    3. You know those oil balls showing up on the shores? When they put the corexit in the water it sent the oil to the bottom and is now coming to shore when the storms come up and deposits it on the shore.

      1. The damage has already been done thoughand they use things like that correxit to try to say how much they are doing to correct they problem that should not have happened in the first place. BP should have to pay and pay and pay and pay again for the enviroment they have destroyed and the lively hoods of the people they have ruined. They know what they have done and they think that they can sugar coat it now with some crap like corexit.

      2. Exactly! We will be dealing with the “oil” for a very long time, Probably hundreds of years. This destruction they are doing to our planet is just so disgusting. TPTB are truly evil and sick and could care less about human beings or our animal kingdom.

  3. and may I add all of those chemical train explosions…derailments. Just within the last 2 years alone…and several plants exploding…the bp explosion on Adolf’s birthday no less..i just love all these cosinsedincys..

    1. Yes, I agree. This train derailment “epidemic” (as #1NWO Hatr likes to call it) also seems to be included in it all. It’s becoming way too common these days.

  4. Yes control of the food and water are absolutely in the plans. You will eat what they say and drink what they say, or starve. They know food and water are the keys to control of the populace.
    This is no accident, of course it is polluted, and people are being fined and probably would be jailed for growing gardens on their own property. Again to control the food.
    The only question bays and girls is how long will you wait to stop it? Of course it will not be until it is too late as always. And then who will you blame? Everyone else of course. Or maybe you will write a letter no reads or send an email that gets deleted or the granddaddy of them all march with signs so the hucksters can laugh at you. Yes we only have ourselves to blame for letting this happen. Read the constitution the founders thought people might have a pair and do something about tyranny. Or at least be able to borrow a pair. Nope not in this country.
    So as bad it is I will go out on a limb and say it will definitely get worse and then it will get even worse and on and on.

  5. Any group of people who would commit all these crimes against a population owning over a billion firearms and quite able to slaughter every one who walks the halls of power including all who protect them I have to conclude that they have a DEATH WISH! People with a death wish are insane. We are dealing with madmen, and you can’t negotiate with them or try to convince them that their agenda needs to be stopped. They won’t stop. They don’t care what we thing or even that we are men with rights. They see us as chattel. These are totally insane hard core communists who will not stop until they’ve achieved their objectives. Warning shot to their head is the only thing that is going to alter their behavior. This poisoning I resisted believing it at first thinking it was rotting infrastructure. This is too much for that in places that would do the worst damage. Plenty of traitor black operators for that cabal in DC to do the jobs too. Many of us long suspected all the fires in California were arson. Looking at what a bunch of firemen did to a an Auburn family during the 1980’s 49er fire I’m not surprised. Wouldn’t put it past firemen at this point to set fires for political gains.

  6. Could it be that yes this is all being done on purpose, to create such chaos and calamity (such as the world had never seen before…now what rather famous Book is that line from?), that the world’s people will clamor for the so-called New World Order that the doers of evil are trying to set up, leading to a false peace and a certain man of perdition comes among us to lead us into a system to take a certain mark if you know what I mean…not only prepare to deal with this calamity the PTB are fostering on us but also prepare to resist that system also known as “the beast system”…you don’t have to be a believer in Christ either to understand that this is coming down…”Ordo Abd Chaos” or “Order Out of Chaos”

  7. Excellent post. I’ve noticed this as well…so many things going wrong.
    See excerpt below and look at the methods used. To me these disasters
    are gray terror…the main difference is that elements within the american government are actively involved in allowing, assisting, and covering it up. Are the khazars sticking to this playbook (they wrote it) albeit
    “The overture is carried by agents of the secret services of the Soviet satellite countries and by mercenaries recruited by intermediaries. The principal method employed at this stage is ‘grey terror’, that is, a kind of terror which is not conducted in the name of the Soviet Union. The Soviet secret services do not at this stage leave their visiting cards, or leave other people’s cards. The terror is carried out in the name of already existing extremist groups not connected in any way with the Soviet Union, or in the name of fictitious organisations. The GRU reckons that in this period its operations should be regarded as natural disasters, actions by forces beyond human control, mistakes committed by people, or as terrorist acts by organisations not connected with the Soviet Union.”

    I read the entire fukushima report.
    If seems it was sabotage.
    This may also explain the current china/japan collision course.

    Concerning the water…
    This might be interesting to have as well. The concept is simple enough.
    Akin to how a refrigerator sweats.

    Please keep the info coming. I’m hoping someone uncovers the ‘hidden’ share holders of the federal reserve.


    1. Very interesting and I’d have to reevaluate Putin’s intelegence if he was behind all this. One other possibility from a quarter that has attacked us before many times as part of a temper tantrum to try an get us to do their bidding.

      Anyone considered ISRAEL?????

      1. Hi North California Patriot,

        Khazars are ‘jews’ that converted around 760 or so.
        They are the ‘ashkenazi’ european jews. They aren’t semitic but asiatic.

        They are responsible for the bolshevik take over of russia, the murder of the czar and his family, the death of approx 60million white christian russians, and pushers of ‘communism’.

        They are also responsible for ww1 & 2, 911 and the subsequent wars. The head khazar ‘jew’is the rothschild clan in the city state called ‘city of london’
        From another post on this site it seems they are also responsible for fukushima.

        Please read
        Facts are Facts
        The Truth About Khazars (the so-called Jews)
        By Benjamin H. Freedman: ‘A Jewish man writes about the Jews’

        So, to answer your question, i’m always considering israel.

        You see, what I posted above was their playbook to begin with. If you replace soviet union with Khazar
        things become clearer. They are/were in charge of russia when this strategy was being put together.


  8. I remember earlier this year that the CEO of Nestle, one of the largest bottled water producers, said that ‘water isn’t a human right.’ Now, Nestle is trading at about $75/share and since the entire reason a corporation exists is for the benefit of the shareholders (only pretending to have a social conscience) is it plausible that such bottled-water corporations would finance the contamination of rivers to increase the demand for their product and thus their share price? When we had a hurricane here on the Gulf Coast a few years back Anheuser-Busch was producing water in what looked like Budweiser cans without the red…there’s money in water!

  9. Imagine how the indigenous people of South America felt when these Transnational Corporations privatized their water supply. Well Pedro, you need to water you crops? How many bottles do you need?

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