Are The Wal-Mart Closings In Jade Helm 15 States A Sign We’ve Sold Them The Rope They’ll Use To Hang Us With By Shopping At Wal-Mart All These Years?

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With news of numerous Wal-Mart supercenters now being ‘temporarily closed’ (6+ months each which brings us to October 2015 or later) inat least 4 different states now tied to the Jade Helm 15 ‘exercises’ due to what we’re being told are ‘plumbing problems’, will these massive stores soon be used as ‘food distribution centers’ and to house the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm Americans one by one as promised by Michelle Obama to the Chinese prior to Obama leaving the White House?    Astute story commenters were quick to point out that any plumbing problem can be fixed in much less time than 6 months, even in such large supercenters, and to have several of these 6-month closings all at once in states tied to Jade Helm 15 and martial law exercises (Florida, Texas, California and Oklahoma) reeks of something much deeper than ‘plumbing issues’. The fact that China has DEMANDED Americans be disarmed and the scheduled ‘reopening dates’ (if they EVER reopen at all!) of these stores will be after Jade Helm 15 is completed are raising many questions aboutwhat is really going on among those who are paying attention to events in Barack Obama’s ‘new America’ as seen in more detail below. One reader tells us that one of these Wal-Mart stores had just recently been remodeled and didn’t have any plumbing problems while the note below is from a source who recently called her local Wal-Mart and discovered they may NEVER reopen!

Called one of the Walmarts (Midland, TX location) just now.  Phone was answered by a woman “Thank you for calling Walmart customer care, may I begin this conversation by requesting your first and last name?”  (WHAT?)  I just said I was calling to check store hours.  She asked if I was calling about a particular location.  I told her the one on Midland Drive.  She said that the store was closed last night at 7pm.  I said “Oh?  For good?” She said “Yes, at first they said it would be for maybe 6 months but after further review they have decided to close indefinitely.”  LOL…plumbing problems my you-know-what.  Something fishy is up, whether it has to do with OJH or just Walmart closing stores because they are hurting.  Either way, very deceitful the way they are doing whatever this is they are doing. I don’t dare call the other stores from my phone because when the phone first picked up I got the recording of “This call may be monitored or recorded….”.

With ’emperor Obama’ now attempting to dismantle our country for good as referenced in the many links included at the bottom of this story and as America descends one day closer into full-scale countrywide ‘police-state’ tyranny, numerous events taking place the last several days should cement into our heads the fact that our country isn’t America anymore and despite attempts by the mainstream media and trolls stalking alternative news websites attempting to downplay videos like the ones below, we can see that America is quickly becoming Iraq or Afghanistan as country-wide preparation for a massive event is now being taken to the next level.

In the 1st video below just released by Felipe Soto we see a National Guard drill taking place in the residential streets of Ontario, California while in the 2nd video below we see a US Veteran getting pulled over by a TANK (no, it’s an armored personnel carrier according to the police officer and the TROLLS who stalk alternative news sites) seeking to divert our attention from the obvious – it’s a vehicle of war on the streets of America.

The recent email sent to All News Pipeline from a deep background source seen below shares of another event that recently happened in Yuma, Arizona and begs us to ask the question, has Jade Helm 15 already begun? Is the massive exposure of various martial law-style ‘drills’ across the country by the alternative media causing the NWO to accelerate their plans for a full-scale police-state crackdown prior to the rest of the country awakening and DEMANDING that these be stopped? This new Intellihub story tells us that the federal government is now actively seeking ‘role players’ for simulating the relocation of US citizens to detention camps in Phoenix, Arizona. Are all of these events that are now happening in these  ‘Jade Helm 15’ states just a coincidence or a very clear pattern? The answer is clear to us.

ANP, I was at a friends home for dinner last night and a guest had something very interesting to say about his trip home Yuma, AZ  Friday. He stopped at a rest area on I-8 before getting on I-10 to Phoenix.  When he was coming out of the restroom he was surprised to see the parking lot filling up with unmarked vehicles which he first thought were border patrol. There were 3 helicopters not far in the desert  and the men from the vehicles had blow horns ordering everyone to stay in their cars. He said they were dressed in desert camo fatigues and were not border patrol. I asked everyone if they heard of Jade Helm 15 and no one had. So, I told them to look it up and they all did. The guest that witnessed the incident looked up with a stunned look on his face and said that was a military operation he saw. Looks to me we are much closer and Jade Helm 15 is in motion.


To the government trolls who stalk ANP daily, can you really say these exercises are just ‘normal’ National Guard training? These ‘exercises’ are clearly another attempt to ‘normalize’ Americans seeing the military on the streets and look more like what we’d see in a police-state dictatorship than in a ‘free country’.

Is this really what we want all future generations to face when being pulled over by police in America? Is this normal or more proof that the war has come home to America? It seems to us to be a blatant attempt at citizen intimidation, total overkill.



The following stories found at the links included below should be enough to convince any American that our country and Rights are now being dismantled on a massive scale. Please share this information far and wide.

“Your country is desolate, your cities burned with fire; your fields are being stripped by foreigners right before you, laid waste as when overthrown by strangers.” 

 [Isaiah 1:7]

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  1. everything is just fine,no prob,rest easy,dream on,ain’t nuttin but an illusion
    reality is yet to be in the now,zzzzzzzzz–the only reason i sleep with 22,44 12,762 and ?,is cause i don’t trust nunna yuh =less yer vetted by HENRY

  2. OK, I’ll try this again as it is my 3rd attempt of posting this comment before my service was cutting in and out, full bars of course must have struck a nerve with the powers that be. Anyway if I had a billion dollar company and I was a power house with foreseen knowledge of what jade helm actually consists of and knew that there would be social unrest in locations where some of my stores were at then of course I would shut those stores down and empty my shelves because the obvious is they would be ransacked and looted costing me millions in losses and damages.

  3. Yes W Mart cut corners to throw up cheap stores and bribe the building inspectors. They are at best 20 year and the pipes go the roof sags, and the concrete powders. But then that is were they took the tax deduction at to write the stores off at. They keep them open and they loose that deduction. Or need do major overhaul to restart a deduction again to write off. So nothing there but taking advantage of the tax laws.

  4. No true patriot should ever step foot in a Walmart again.

    These Walmart’rs are looking to take out our constitutional form of government with Jade Helm 15.

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