Are you an anti-Semite?


A psychological evaluation to test your attitude towards Jewish people:

1. Pick a number between 1-9

2. Multiply by 3

3. Add 3 to that number

4. Multiply again by 3  

5. Add the two digits together

Now view your number for your evaluation:

3  You would be horrified to be labelled an anti-semite and would do all you could to refute such false allegations.

4  You have great affection for all Jews of the world.

5  Your outlook towards Jewish people is to protect them with full empathy towards their collective suffering.

6  Deep in your heart you secretly wish you had been born Jewish.

7  You care wholeheartedly about Jewish issues.

8  You’re just neutral/passive about the whole subject.

9  You’re a filthy dirty anti-semite! You need immediate and long-term psychological treatment for your condition.

10 You want to do all you can to assist Israel and support the sterling work of ADL and AIPAC.

26 thoughts on “Are you an anti-Semite?

  1. Screw the DSM-5 false science called psychology, prepare to do battle if you push me with this crap.

    1. Yep, mine turned out the same . I guess the may be why I still call a Volkswagon a jew chaser. All the same though, these psyco tests are all for the entertainment – I believe – of the Dr.s, psychologists, psychyatrists, and all of these councelors, and therapists. Still though these tests are all in fun as we all do not need psyco. tests to know what we are all about.

      1. Mine turned out to be number 9. I can’t believe I’m an all out anti-Semite who needs psychological help. Who would’ve thought?

        1. 🙂 lol. Mine turned out as #9 too NC. I already had a belly full of counceling and evaluations and they all said that I was normal roflma 🙂 🙂

  2. Oh dear, my daughter is part jewish through her mothers family, I am now worried that I got to start hating her now 🙁

    Whats ironic is that the Jews I do know mainly from the east end of London are pretty straight people who are fairly appalled as we are about Israel’s actions and to them the word “Zionist” is almost a curse and I have seen them use that word and spit which suggests that real Jews don’t care much for the Zio’s

  3. GodDamed with I am…….throw the lobby completely out of the us and the fed also……….
    should we be so lucky, just maybe, this country can begin rebuilding. and also, demand the rothschilds bankers pay back the us tax dollars sent to israel….the jews can pay their own way…….
    and people wonder why the germans kicked them out….DA DAAAAAAA

  4. If all Jews are blood-thirsty, gold stealing psychos, because their leaders or past leaders are blood-thirsty, gold stealing psychos, then all Americans are blood-thirsty, gold-stealing psychos because their leaders or past leaders were.

    Since the latter isn’t true, neither is the former.

    Before you start castigating me for being a ‘Jew lover,’ or something, take time to look at my blog and realize that I use my REAL NAME.

    I believe in what I say and have been putting my REAL NAME behind that since shortly after 9/11.
    I don’t hide behind stupid sounding aliases to protect me, not that it would help much, as the articles on the NSA of late would show.

    I do believe there is an insidious influence at work and yes, many are Jews, but they have many Gentile helpers.

    BTW, Jesus was a Jew, so do you also hate him?

      1. You beat me to it, flek.

        Jesus was a Hebrew, not a ‘jew’. The term ‘jew’ wasn’t even known in His day.

    1. NO…..Jesus was NOT a jew. jew is the talmudic spelling for lucifers children, the ones Jesus spoke of when he said”you are your father, the devil-satan”. Jesus WAS A JUDEAN/also know as a Juden. your corrupted understanding of the true and false jewish/juden heritages shows in your ignorant statements. and before you label me an “anti’semite/prove you are a true semite or shutup. my heritage includes judens of torah perspective. all jews who cannot trace their lineage back to semitical palestine are frauds. plain and simple. all white jew-xionists who infest the u.s. govt as well as isrealhell are ashke-NAZI infitrators and impersonators of the line of Judah. All who call themselves ashkenazi jews are of sabbatean/pharisee lineage and are the true fallen people of lucifer.
      the truth is in the spelling- jew/w=666. in the corrupted spelling contains a w/in it are 3 hidden v’s(2up,1 down) which is the 6th letter of the hebrew alphabet. so if read with eyes open it says-je666. they are marked with the sign of their father/the devil-dajjal.

    2. “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan” Rev. 2:9 KJV.

      If that isn’t clear enough –

      “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Rev. 3:9 KJV.

      Substitute the word Hebrews for ‘Jews’ for accuracy.

      The Palestinians have more TRUE Israelite blood in them than that AshkeNAZI trash in Israhell calling themselves ‘jews’ do.

      btw, Greg, I don’t ‘hide’ behind an alias. If you choose to use your real name, that’s your prerogative, but it tells no one ANYTHING about you.

      I, on the other hand, chose a user name that lets EVERYONE know EXACTLY where my loyalties lie. I consider it a badge of honor, and wouldn’t change it for any reason. No shame to my game.

      Unfortunately, this is anything BUT a game.

  5. In case no one noticed this math problem will always yield the number nine as an answer no matter what digit you start with.

  6. this conversation is not a matter of being anti-semite….is ‘s a matter of being, through the us records and recognizing the truth of our recent heritage, say forming of the fed…which is against the us constitution…and from there on ward in our own us history…….the Zionist is real people. Look it up. Do the home work…its not hidden….then get after these bastards who have no right to be in our country much less to be running, or partially running it for so long…………come on people wake up…..has nothing to do with being against the jewish faith…and every thing to do with the longevity of our own land….their evil influence does not belong here….should they decide to stay, they should be given worse than the germans gave them………..go back to your illegal land of ISRAEL….christ, learn to get along with the other citizens of this world……….MY

  7. How can they stand walking around with those goose turds on their heads? By jingles, being crapped on by a pigeon is enough to send me loony…..

    And who the hell likes to curl their side burns while letting them grow disgustingly long, while dressing like a funeral parlor whore?

    1. Hey Mark, it makes it easy to discern who is who when I take my Jew-chasing Volkswagon out for a drive.

  8. The whole point of this exercise is to show one thing.

    No matter what you say or do, if you’re not one of ‘the chosen’, you’re automatically an ‘anti-semite’.

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