Arizona and Michigan Primaries, Get Ready for More Election Fraud

The good people of Arizona and Michigan will be going to the polls today as it is their turn to be disenfranchised and made to realize that they have absolutely no say in the running of the government they pay for.  There has been blatant election fraud in every primary and caucus to date, as the fraudulent status quo has made it clear that they do not care if they are caught.  They will commit any and every fraud necessary to keep Ron Paul from acquiring the GOP nomination.

Many are saying to hell with the GOP.  Ron Paul can run as an Independent and win.  So what is the theory here?  Those who count the votes in the primaries and caucuses will not be the same corrupt individuals counting the votes in the national election?  How soon we forget.

I will make it clear, I despise Al Gore, but the fact is he beat George Bush in 2000.  His victory was reported in the mainstream and when Bilderberger and company decided the election results were unacceptable, the results were changed.  As the lawsuits and recounts proceeded, the American people were left hanging with the chads in Florida.  And then when it seemed that the election was going to come to a court battle, well the all powerful soviet committee, known as the Supreme Court, stepped in and declared George Bush the winner.

As we have not yet found a way to stop the fraud we see being committed in each and every primary and caucus, I am skeptical as to whether an honest 99% of the people can elect Dr. Paul, noting the reality that the corrupt 1% seem to have undisputed control over the election process.

If we see fraud once again in Arizona and Michigan, we had better start taking decisive action in the form of lawsuits and protests to correct the situation or give up on the peaceful solution.

One would think that the reality of the numbers would be enough to completely discredit the fraud and force those responsible for the integrity of the process to act.  Unfortunately it is becoming apparent that too many of us have come to accept the complete lack of integrity as the norm and we seem to be harboring some bizarre notion that says we can elect Dr. Paul in spite of it.

If we want to take our country back through elections we had better realize that we must first restore an honest process, otherwise we are urinating up the proverbial wet rope.

We must work on this problem as we continue to turn out in mass to vote for Ron Paul.  So organize and do what you can.  Put the fraudulent election officials under the most surveillance possible and document every instance of fraud.  And then tonight, when it is announced that Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum won your primary, scream foul at the top of your lungs and hopefully be prepared to prove it.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. What can we do to stop this? Also look at how Mainstream Media is not even mentioning RON PAUL. Mitt didn’t have anybody at the stadium in his home state. So tell me, how is he going to get any votes, let alone delegates. These primary elections have been the biggest fraud ever put over on the American Voters. It is blatant and people should be prosecuted and the GOP should be ashamed to say they are Americans. I want a full investigation of the GOP and the election process by a Citizen Commitee, not the fox in the henhouse.

  2. It seems to me the medis is also going along with this fraud with their reporting and they should be prosecuted also for fraud and lose their licence. Where is the FCC? Look at all the false reporting.

  3. I am a Ron Paul supporter and I have not seen a politician with this kind of a fan base in my lifetime. Before the Arizona debates last week that aired on CNN, many local reporters were out on the street covering the square mile that was closed to traffic. All you could see was a sea of Ron Paul supporters with signs and stickers on their shirts and hats. The only exception was as they panned the camera around the area, there were 4 guys wearing shirts with ties that each had a Santorum sign. I have to admit that they look like they were being paid to stand there. They were surrounded by Ron Paul fans. I’m amazed that when I heard some of the election coverage that said that Romney was taking it away, they didn’t even mention Ron Paul’s results. I have no evidence of fraud but my gut tells me that there is more support for this man than I have seen for any candidate including when Obama ran and yet no one is questioning why he is not at the very least a contender in this race. Where are the real journalists at? It is at least worth some digging. If what many of our hunches are have any truth to them, this is the biggest story of our generation. A man with a rock solid record in congress with real solutions being suppressed by the GOP and 5 major television media outlets. Who will blow the lid on this story?

    1. I have to agree. I have contacted journalist and the mainstream media stations and have let them know how phony they are. I told them all they are is presstitutes and highly overpaid telepromter readers. I also told them I wouldn’t be viewing them any longer. I also emailed their sponsors. If enough of us do this just maybe someone at the top will get the message.

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