Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords Shot

Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot and is in emergency surgery today.  She was apparently holding a get together with her constituents called, “Congress on your Corner” in front of a Safeway store in Northwest Tucson, Arizona when a gunman walked up to her, shouted a statement, and shot her in the head.

It is reported that Giffords had three staffers with her when the incident occurred.  It is reported that the staffers were also shot.  It is further reported that approximately fifteen rounds were discharged and five people were killed, including a child.

Initial reports stated that 19 people had been shot.

The shooter was tackled by bystanders and is now in police custody.  There is a report that security guards at the scene exchanged gunfire with the assailant and did indeed wound him.

It was initially reported that Giffords had been killed, after which Fox News reported that an inside source had provided information that indicated that she was alive and in surgery at University Hospital.

There will be further updates on this story as it develops.

0 thoughts on “Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords Shot

  1. Sarah Palin’s facebook page is being cleaned every fifteen minutes due to all kinds of hell being raised due to this. Ham Radio operators are saying that this was a drug cartel hit. Barry Soetoro had better start packing his bags.

    1. This could very well be, Mark. As they are saying the gunman was in his early twenties and apparently Rep. Giffords had been to Cochise County was and a staunch supporter of border reform.

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