Armed Antifa Groups March in Stone Mountain, Neo-Confederates Don’t Show

Published on Feb 2, 2019

A heavily armed coalition of anti-racist and anti-fascist groups assembled Saturday to oppose a planned neo-confederate rally at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia. The event dubbed “Rock Stone Mountain” had been planned for months and was expected to attract white nationalist activists, but was cancelled right before taking place. The antifa coalition, which donned the name FLOWER (stands for “Frontline organizations working together to end racism,”) stuck with their original plan to assemble outside the park. The park itself had announced Friday night that it wouldn’t allow anyone inside. FLOWER’s coalition included communists, socialists, unions, left-wing militias, and other left-wing activists. The group marched around the Stone Mountain community as a “victory lap” for the cancelled right-wing event. “The nightmare scenario is that somebody decides to be a lone wolf and pulls something like what happened in Charlottesville,” an organizer who wished to be identified as “Firebug” said before the event. To that end, the group had left-wing militia groups with long rifles and shotguns act as a roving perimeter around the demonstration. The activists stopped at the Stone Mountain visitor center, where the demanded that authorities “sand blast Stone Mountain!” They then produced an effigy of a Ku Klux Klan member, complete with a swastika on its chest, which they lit on fire. Activist Molly “@socialistdogmom” lit her cigarette on the makeshift campfire. After antifa finished their burning, police came and extinguished the remains. Other than that brief involvement, police mostly took a hands-off approach to the demonstration, declining to interfere or make arrests. One masked activist gave a speech at the end of his event, noting that antifa’s American roots from 2017 anti-Milo Yiannopoulos protests at Berkeley “have blossomed into a full-stemmed revolutionary flower” and that the white nationalist no-show was proof of their power. “You can’t just talk tough, you have to walk it,” said Christopher Goad. Based in Virginia, Goad participated in counter-demonstrations in Charlottesville as well. “We weren’t looking for enemies. We weren’t starting fights. If the presence that we had was enough to deter anything that happened, then that’s what happened.”

10 thoughts on “Armed Antifa Groups March in Stone Mountain, Neo-Confederates Don’t Show

  1. Did the fat one with line 2 gear have cheese whiz in his / her M4 pouches? Lol….what a joke these cats are. They have no idea what’s coming their way when things go hot.

  2. Hey, This is what you get when you put your kid in a government school. Quit bitching about it. Reap what you sow.

  3. My guess is half the guns are airsoft.
    Second i love the two dudes in the video with fingers on triggers.
    I also enjoyed the two times their armed security ran into something or tripped.

    And the guy behind the speaker who touched and directed the speaker. He had some good ticks. Never stopped moving like he was tweeking.

    Hey hey! hey ho. The off beat drums and shitty chants need to go.
    Hey hey! hey ho, [ insert fart noise]!

  4. They’ve got legitimate beefs, I’ll not argue with that, but their solutions are NOT the answer. Imagine if they could see the light of the Bill of Rights & that they are actually protesting because their BoR’s has been relegated to the heap pile. Communism is NOT the solution!! Never works!!! You are living under communism; why would you want more?

  5. I have to watch this a few more times, but initially, the level of ignorance strikes me as astounding. And to see them carrying the Hammer and Sickle flag just stabs in the heart. This is the most misdirected protest I’ve ever seen. Saddest thing is they’re not identifying the real enemy, the zio-enemy and are playin’ right into the hands of the globalists’ sick agenda.


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