Armed Home Intruders Put Gun To Woman’s Neck, Quickly Learn They Made a Huge Mistake

Screenshot 2014-12-26 at 11.31.21 AMConcealed Nation – by Brandon

A woman was inside her Tennessee home Tuesday night when there was a knock on her door a little after 6pm. When she opened the door, she was greeted by two armed thugs who stormed into the home.

As they entered, one of the suspects pushed a handgun up against the woman’s neck. That suspect, identified as 22-year-old Nico Carlisle, was not yet aware of the huge mistake he had just made.  

Right before answering the door, the woman had retrieved a handgun of her own and had it in her hand.

She quickly fired multiple shots, striking Carlisle in the process. When police arrived, Carlisle was found sitting hear the front door with multiple gunshot wounds. He was later pronounced dead.

The other suspect ran off and is currently being sought by police. It is not known if he was also hit by the homeowner.

The homeowner was not injured and is not expected to face any charges.

Remember: Always carry while you’re at home.

8 thoughts on “Armed Home Intruders Put Gun To Woman’s Neck, Quickly Learn They Made a Huge Mistake

  1. I had a guy out back last night after dark.
    He was going through the trash looking for recyclables so he said.

    I went out and told him to leave. He said “this is trash right” as he pointed to my trash cans. I told him “yes” but that the property is not public so he was trespassing and that he “should move on”.
    He asked me for a cigarette and started to move closer to me(10 of the 15 ft). I said “no” and that is when he realized I had a gun in my hand.

    He left without any further small talk.

    1. in retrospect I wish Id of gone out with the crossbow because if I needed to shoot him nobody would of heard a damn think except him crying bloody murder.

      1. Na — ya did the right thing, Nottoobitter. Diffuse the situation calmly whenever possible, because even when you’re innocent, it’s going to cost you several thousand bucks to say so in court. (you can’t “win”)

        Inside the house is a different story, but even there some overzealous prosecutor might want to break your chops about it.

        1. It was on my side the whole time. He just seen it in the light as I turned.

          Xbow sucks if there is more than 2.

          I actually feel bad for the guy but id prefer him do that when its light out. Or ask.

      1. What happened to his partner-in-crime would HAVE to cross his mind every time he even THINKS about breaking into another home, Ntb.

        But then again, he appears not to have been too bright too begin with, so…

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