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Arms shipment hidden among aid to refugees


The Greek Coast Guard and customs intercepted an aid container for “refugees” (who are almost all male and of fighting age) that was filled with weapons and ammunition.

It appears that this was only reported on by local Greek news and has not been covered anywhere else. Hmm, I wonder why.

As the container, loaded on the freighter ship Haddad 1, a Bolivian-registered vessel, arrived in Heraklion, Crete, one of Greece’s largest island, a very popular resort island for sunbathing tourists, and currently temporary home to numerous refugees and migrants, customs inspected the cargo.  

Among aid intended for refugees, they found an arsenal of weapons and ammunition, mainly rifles and shotguns. They also found bulletproof vests, which indicate that the intended users expected a gunfight.

ISIS has said straight out that the terrorist organization is building a force on European soil, stating that they will attack when the signal is given.

In the meantime, meaning right now, they continue to build the attack force. Disguised among refugees, they enter Europe. Then shipments of arms arrive, as this video shows.

Luckily this shipment was discovered, but how many has passed through?

Not really sure how many warnings that have to be given before politicians start to think, but it is urgent that they do so.

Update: The coastguard said a search of only the first two of the 14 containers carried by the Bolivian vessel Haddad 1 had revealed almost 500,000 rounds of ammunition and 5,000 shotguns, of a type similar to that used by police, with no accompanying documentation, IB Times report

They were found at the bottom of the containers, concealed by a load of furniture, including drawers, cupboards, and a layer of gymnastic mats.

The Haddad 1, a rusty 65-metre vessel built in 1976 and registered in the port of La Paz, was intercepted off Ierapetra, southeast of Crete, earlier this week, and claimed to be heading to the Libyan city of Misrata.

It had left the southern Turkish port of Iskenderun, about 50km from the Syrian border a few days earlier.

Its crew of seven has been arrested, while inspectors continued searching the remaining containers in the port of Crete’s largest city, Heraklion. Greek authorities have not released their nationalities, which local media say include Syrians, Egyptians and Indians.

Greek Marine Minister Christos Zois praised the “professionalism” of the coastguard for the identification of the ship, adding the investigation was ongoing and further information would be released at a later stage. “The count of weapons and ammunition is continuing and we hope that soon we will have more information on this case,” he said.


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4 Responses to Arms shipment hidden among aid to refugees

  1. Ryan, says:

    I seen this yesterday on bpearthwatch or daboo777.

    I am a staunch believer it was the only one EVER and it was a clerical error. Why would anyone do this repetitively?

    In fact it was probably swamp gas on mars reflecting around the sun and filtered through… ahhhhh go to sleep. nothing to see here.

    Why were refugees getting furniture??? Hold on a second.
    “…concealed by a load of furniture, including drawers, cupboards, and a layer of gymnastic mats.”
    Thats the oddest load of shit Iv ever heard of sending to refugees. Do they need drapes or wallpaper? Perhaps a job? America just created 100000 yesterday. I seen it on the murder-porn screen(tv).

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “ISIS has said straight out that the terrorist organization is building a force on European soil, stating that they will attack when the signal is given.”

    That signal will come from none other than Mossad/CIA.

  3. mark says:

    ISIS needs to be totally blown off the earth the whole middle east war so far is a TIT FOR TAT slap on the hand. IT IS time and earlier they should have been dropping the BIG ONES ON THEM SCORTCH THEIR EARTH, before they attack us in waves.

    Course we will not be able to FIGHT CAUSE DUMBER in the white house is taking guns away from the people. AND THE LEFT is doing what they call swatting. This is a new way for the leftists to call swat when they see anyone with a gun and hope that the person gets killed out right. This is pre meditated murder.

  4. Vekar says:

    They actually hide the stuff? Hell here in the USSA they just bring it over in semi-trucks or the good ol fed just GIVES them the guns.

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