Army Corps of Engineers seeking ‘civilian workers’ ahead of ‘impending national disaster’?

armyIntellihub – by Shepard Ambellas

KENNEWICK, Wash. (INTELLIHUB) — A tip was sent to me by a reader via email Saturday documenting out how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now soliciting civilian workers for “maintenance” positions ahead of what appears to be an upcoming and potentially ‘imminent event’ of some type.

Shockingly as listed in the solicitation numbered “NCFL156545791382984S” which is posted at the Army Corps of Engineers is literally calling upon skilled individuals amongst the civilian population in search of potential prospects rather than using already active Army personnel.  

The “job summary” section of the solicitation strokes the prospect’s ego, reading:

“Civilian employees serve a vital role in supporting the Army’s mission. They provide the skills that are not readily available in the military, but crucial to support military operations. The Army integrates the talents and skills of its military and civilian members to form a Total Army.”

It’s also important to note that the position may extend up to “four years” and that “employees” will be required to respond to “disaster stricken areas of the US”.

Did I miss something?

Disaster stricken areas of the U.S., WTF does that mean?

Does the U.S. Government know something that they have not yet told the general public?

Is there an impending disaster looming such as the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano or possibly a predestined asteroid impact which rumor has may be coming in September? After reading a potion of the solicitation’s “about” section  you may be asking these very questions too. It reads:

“Employees occupying these positions will provide emergency support to disaster stricken areas throughout the US. Employees must pass a stringent medical screening and be prepared to live and work in extremely austere conditions. Work schedule will initially be arduous, with much overtime. Sleeping arrangements may be limited to using a sleeping bag or in the vehicle used to move from location to location. The duty station for pay purposes for these positions is Kennewick, WA with possible 75% or Greater Business Travel in various locations throughout the US.”

Additionally it’s important to point out that “Kenniwick, WA” is only the “duty station for pay purposes”, signifying that employees who have accepted the position can end up anywhere throughout the U.S. as “75%” of the job is listed as “travel”.

Interestingly duties of the job include:

“[…] computing and making flood releases, inspecting, repairing and maintaining the appurtenant structures and systems of the dam (skills include, but are not limited to, electrical and mechanical work); and participating in the dam inspections. Maintains and repairs facilities such as public restrooms, camp sites, picnic areas, park roads, etc. Repair equipment such as, hydraulic gates, hoists, hangers, cranes, elevators, sump pumps, water systems pumps, chlorinators and stand-by generators. Dam Operation; Collects humidity, temperature and wind velocity readings from weather instruments, makes gage readings pertaining to water storage and performs related calculations. Reports weather information and operating data in accordance with established schedules. Makes gate settings to regulate outflow of water in accordance with regulatory requirements. Inspects dam and appurtenant structures and equipment using standard inspection checklists. Performs a variety of miscellaneous duties such as, maintaining roads and clearing debris. Operates a variety of vehicles and vessels, such as, sedans, light duty pickup trucks and 5-ton trucks, tractors, fork lifts, motor boats, work barges, etc.”

The job pays $21.93-$25.57 per hour.

About the author:

Shepard Ambellas is the founder, editor-in-chief of Intellihub News and the maker of SHADE the Motion Picture. You can also find him on Twitter andFacebook. Shepard also appears on the Travel Channel series America Declassified. You can also listen to him on Coast To Coast AM with hosts, both, George Noory on “Chemtrails” and John B. Wells on the “Alternative Media Special“. Shepard Ambellas has also been featured on the Drudge Report, the largest news website in the entire world, for his provocative coverage of the Bilderberg Group. Shepard is an exclusive weapon of Intellihub.

25 thoughts on “Army Corps of Engineers seeking ‘civilian workers’ ahead of ‘impending national disaster’?

  1. Fear is about to happen. Although I’m sure you all know Neptune is the God of undersea Earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis…

  2. “Does the U.S. Government know something that they have not yet told the general public?”
    Does the U.S. Government ever tell the general public what they know?

    “…Yellowstone supervolcano or possibly a predestined asteroid impact…”

    Yes. Let’s go straight for the Hollywood disaster movie scenarios and forget reality and logic altogether, why don’t we?

    LOOK at the goddamn job descriptions. They’re seeking out people to perform infrastructure maintenance and operation tasks that are a bit too complicated for anyone dumb enough to join the military. That would be necessary if the people doing those jobs now leave because their paycheck doesn’t buy anything.

    No, no, no…. it can’t be that simple. There has to be a nuke explosion, asteroid crash, or a military assault on the population or it’s not interesting enough.

    An economic collapse is enough of a disaster. I understand that no one would pay to see the movie, but that’s what’s happening.

    1. You have to remember something important. People operating websites need a lot of traffic to pay the bills, so you should expect a lot of minor events to be blown into sensational, apocalyptic, end-of-the-world type scenarios. Bad newspapers do the same thing.

      That’s why every goddamn military vehicle in America has been photographed and linked to Jade Helm by one fear monger or another.

      1. Jolly I might not agree with everything you say here but thank you thank you thank you for being consistent in your postings of Jade Helm overkill, over reaction, and ridiculousness of some of the Jade Helm “martial law” postings here and of course on many sites…folks unless you have empirical proof that Jade Helm really will send everyone who posts anything here and elsewhere to a FEMA camp or guillotine…and not just some bogus “army operations” (psy-op) document…don’t folks realize many of these docs and stuff from MIAC are released PRECISELY to stur up fearmongering among true patriots? as someone who enjoys being clandestine, and sometimes “plays dumb” to find out what is really going on (which I did when I started realizing what RoT leader McLaren was really up to), I’d say that if I was running the govt. and wanted to stur up fear and loathing in the patriot movement, releasing MIAC and other bogus docs about FEMA camps, etc. is precisely what I would do!

        Be vigilant, but cut the crap on the falling sky if you know what I mean! Fear and anxiety destroys vigilance and clear-headed thinking!

  3. Jade Helm, what a crock of doo-doo. The scenarios extend from “just a training exercise” to death squad gun confiscators. So much hype all over, psych-op no doubt, to keep the sheeples in lock step, it’s damned near overkill at this point. Just remember, electricity and communications will be disrupted so have your contingency plans in place. I wouldn’t put it off much longer. The hammer could drop in less than an hour with the media throwing gas on the flames. They wouldn’t just “pretend” everything is OK. Just be prepared with staples and water. I will not be adhering to government mandated “go to shelter to be safe” FEMA relocation plans. Submitting to their mandate are you? Well, just lay your head across this stump and I’ll take care of the rest. I ain’t dragging no stragglers. And I ain’t rescuing retards who already “gave up.”

    1. Hey Funny Farmer, those comments were not directed at you brother, I’ve read enough of your comments to know where your heart is. Yes I did hit the “Reply” option, it was unintentional.

  4. Wow, Jolly Roger, guess I didn’t know how dumb I was. Spent 15 years on active and reserve service in the Army. Only dumb enough to have graduated with distinction in science from an Ivy league college and a M.S. from a good midwestern university — and still remain conservative. Darn, never knew I was dumb. Then you also insulted my Dad, a chemical engineer, who spent 4+ years fighting Nazi’s in North Africa, Italy and Germany. Didn’t know I was from a line of morons…. Thanks for enlightening me.

    On another note, not saying there isn’t something odd going on, but having spent time in the civil works program until recently, there are 2 other factors to consider about this position description. First is that baby boomers in DOD civilian gov positions are retiring at a rapid rate, as many as 40 percent in the next 5 to 10 years, leaving a lot of vacancies. Some, but not all of these will need to be backfilled. Before I retired there was a lot of activity to jettison employees early to reduce the current and future overhead/ financial liability. (Old system saved about 25%, new system FERS saves about 80%) Most of the incentives applied only if the position was abolished when the employee retired. Second, I suspect these are low-volume high-repetition positions, not fully employing one full-time equivalent in any local geography (approx 1 hour drive from the duty location). Perhaps the is getting smarter (’bout time). It is cheaper in the long run to fly these bubbas to other damsites that need 1 or 2 days a month or a quarter of these specific specialty than to eventually pay retirement for multiple underutilized specialists. In career field 18 (engineer specialties) grades tend to be higher, so the resulting retirement will be a percentage of that higher annual pay rate. Better to spend an extra few thousand now than hire 10X as many and support them for 30 years after they are retirement eligible.

    Again, not saying that there isn’t something else going on, as I am very concerned that there is. This doesn’t add much more than anecdotal evidence to the data stack.

  5. One more thing — these jobs were probably converted from military to civilian during or shortly after the Vietnam era. In part this was by act of Congress related to best use of uniformed personnel in directmilitary roles. We saw another round of plucking many of the remaining military out of civil works in the 2002 -2004 timeframe so they could be added to the strenuous deployment rotatons. These personnel were replaced with a lower number of civilians, due to the magical thinking of the DoD bean counters.

    1. Well obviously there are some very intelligent people in the military, people join for different reasons, and no one characteristic ca ever be applied to all members of any group. I’m talking about the average enlistee who signs up because of a news headline, and I doubt you’re one of them.

      I’m sorry if you took that personally.

      And yes, Jade Helm is definitely out of the ordinary, and I said from day one that it looked like the pre-positioning of troops for an assault on the population, but there since hasn’t been anything to confirm that, and the entire exercise has become a target of fear mongers.

      A lack of information concerning the exercise shouldn’t give rise to hysteria, and that’s all we’ve seen concerning Jade Helm, without a fact to back up any of it. What else can be said about it?

  6. These skills are lost to the younger gen. The military is not teaching these skills, they teach killing and spying.

      1. Hey DL, you’d be retirement eligible in very few years (can’t remember if it’s 5 or 10), including a small pension that should be enough to cover your health insurance. There is no mandatory retirement age in civil service….

      2. Never to old to make a difference DL. Hell, if I can’t be on the front lines, I can cook up a storm or deliver supplies. There’s room for everyone to contribute to the cause brother.

  7. DL,want a inside view,plenty of volunteer fema positions for emergency aid/disaster aid ect,first course taught online,to up the ladder a saturday/perhaps sunday class,can get a lot of info that way,I know folks who already have done this.

  8. The military is stretched so thin, they need the civilians. I have seen this before, back in the mid 70’s. PLUS people today have few of the skills they need. If I was younger, I would go for it. At least you would know what is going on before others.

  9. Well people, I just drove by hordes of “flag-waving morons” lined up for the annual “FunFest” parade.. “Well Honey, make sure we get back in time for “Dancing With The Stars.” I went out to assess current mental status of the populace and I met 1 like-minded guy out of thousands. Of course, I was unable to strike up a conversation with most in light of the festivities. However, Johnny Law made his presence known and followed me home, that little bastard. Wore my “Trenches” T- Shirt and sold 2. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    1. Yes Henry, I got my “Trenches ” bumper sticker on my car which tells “Johnny Law” where I stand. I had to verbally belittle some critics and, when you throw the truth in their face, they have no rebuttal.

        1. Age is not an issue.
          Blades, if you can see you can engage!
          If you can stand you can react!
          If you can think, you can plan!
          If all else fails you can teach

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