Arrest Of Shotgun Maker In Denver Was False Flag Hoax, Fox31 Admits. Perazzi Died Last Year

Before It’s News – by stompk

I was watching the Denver Fox31 News last night, and the came out and said the story about Daniele Perazzi, Italian gun maker being arrested for terrorism was a hoax, and blamed it on some rogue source….

Kudos to the Daily Caller for catching them. Perazzi, actually died last year.

On Saturday, Fox 31 reported that Daniele Perazzi, described as president of the Italian shotgun manufacturer Perazzi, was brought in for questioning by Adams County sheriff’s deputies when a cabbie, concerned that Perazzi was supposedly carrying seven shotguns into a gun show, called 911.

But Perazzi died last year and the Adams County sheriff’s department said it has no record that the incident occurred.

Neither does Larry Stevenson, a former Denver police officer who runs a program called Taxis on Patrol, which encourages cab drivers to report suspicious activity. The program was cited in the Fox report as a possible reason the cab driver allegedly overreacted.

On the 9News report and on Denver talk radio station 630KHOW Wednesday morning, Stevenson said the reputation of the popular program — which has spread to other cities and to Europe — was damaged when the Fox story went viral.

OK, so this story came out on Saturday, but four days later Faux31 News admits it’s phoney. Where was moron cop Larry Stevenson all this time. He didn’t say a word. They even gave an interview of the cab driver, pictures of the guns, etc.

I thought something was wrong, as there would have been someone who video taped the arrest, as it was supposedly in front of one of the countries biggest gun shows.

We have to question EVERYTHING these days. I mean EVERYTHING< I’m begining to think that there is nothing on the news, that is not a lie, or manipulated in some way.

One thought on “Arrest Of Shotgun Maker In Denver Was False Flag Hoax, Fox31 Admits. Perazzi Died Last Year

  1. I’m truly insulted and exhausted by these blatant false stories and acts that even someone with an 8th grade education should be able to see through as a joke.

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