Arrests being made at Solidarity Sing-along

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UPDATE (WKOW) – Police warned a larger crowd Thursday at the Capitol.

Arrests are happening right now, in day two of the arrests.


MADISON (WKOW) — Capitol Police arrested 22 people – three of them twice – for participating in the Solidarity Sing-along Wednesday afternoon.

The arrests come a few weeks after a federal judge ruled the Department of Administration can require permits for events with more than 20 people.

“Participants do not move outside or disperse, they will be subject to arrest,” announced a Capitol Police Sergeant when the Sing-along started.

Capitol Police issued two verbal warnings and one written one that the event was unlawful, but that didn’t phase the singers who kept right on belting out protest tunes. After 20 minutes, police started cracking down.

“I was charged with violation of Section 214v2 of the administrative code – no permit. The fine is $200.50,” said Jason Huberty, who’s penalty was the same one handed out to the other arrested protesters.

The singers were released after getting the citations. Many came right back into the rotunda and started singing again. Three of them, including Huberty, were then arrested for a second time in less than 30 minutes.

“He asked me if I would leave and I said No, I wasn’t ordered,” said Huberty, referring to a police officer.

Democratic lawmakers in attendance call the arrests a tremendous overreach.

“Well, I’ve been to Moscow and I’ve felt safer in Moscow than I do in our own State Capitol. I’m terribly offended that some people think that singing is some kind of terrible offense,” said Sen. Bob Jauch (D-Poplar).

No one from Capitol Police or the Department of Administration would do an interview, but DOA Spokesperson Stephanie Marquis put out the following statement: “Judge Conley ruled several weeks ago that the State’s permit process is constitutional. The Capitol Police are upholding the law to ensure the building can be shared by all citizens who come to the Capitol.”

But the protesters who were arrested say they will be back on Thursday, with likely more people supporting them.

“Its kinda cool,” said arrested protester Bill Dunn. “People standing up for free speech.”

38 thoughts on “Arrests being made at Solidarity Sing-along

    1. OK tammyc, what have you did then to talk so big? I went to prison and rehab for lot of years, so just what the F did you do to talk so bold tammyc.

      1. Well digger, since you seem proud of the fact that you went to prison and rehab I guess congratulations are in order…so congrats. What I may or may not have done lately I can assure does not involve going to prison or rehab.
        I merely stated in one simple sentence that the 1st Amendment doesn’t say ‘only where permitted’ and the 2nd Amendment doesn’t say ‘except in state capitol buildings.’
        Exceptions to the law are not laws.
        So I would ask you the same question…What have you done lately besides try to deride someone who isn’t your enemy?

        1. First of all I didn`t have enough money to be able to afford a decent high buck lawyer, second of all I took a early retirement with a very meager wage – if that is what you want to call it – because I saw what was going to happen a long time ago. And as far as the first and second amendmendment goes it is all about who you know and how much money ya got to buy them off tammyc. GET IT. By the way I did get both of my knees broke and my head beat in by them bastards so I do know what they are about, and ya know what, I didn`t even do anything wrong so there tammyc. F THEM PIGS. I STAY BY MYSELF NOW WITH SPITE AND HATRED TOWARDS THEM BASTARDS. SO THERE. FFF UUU!!! And ya know what , at least I am not a rat snitch suckin dick licker like a lot of them fu##ers. so F U

        2. Oh and by the way tammyc I am not proud of going to prison and rehab for many years. I am proud of not rattin` out my freinds but I am ashamed of my so called freinds for letting me go to prison and rehab for so many years for them and still sticking up for them while doing my time for them. I guess that that is what ya call honor amongst freinds eh tammyc. I loved my freinds because I atleast had honor. 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙂 I kepted the faith.

          1. I fail to see where your unfortunate and painful past has anything to do with anything I have stated here. Are you trying to project your past onto me as if I am somehow responsible for it? If that is your objective then you have failed. I wasn’t involved with your unfortunate and painful past, I wasn’t even there, and I do not know nor have I ever met you personally. You want my sympathy? You have it. You want my pity? you have it. As I stated last night ;I am not your enemy. Good day to you Sir.

          2. Um, to get you back on track tammyc, digger asked what have you done & he asked you first.

          3. @ tammyc, what I am sayin is if you are going to sing then sing, if you are going to carry guns carry guns to use a gun but don`t be singing kumbya and carying guns at the same time. That sounds kind of foolish and asking for trouble. If you are going to carry guns then be damned well ready to use the guns because I can bet that they damned well will be ready and you will not if you are singin` your songs……………. @ RT 5:24 thanks for your support. Atleast you understand where I was going with this. Tammyc seems to be trying to burn the candle at both ends to make something out of it. I may make a ass out of myself sometimes RT but if people actualy think deep about what I am saying they would understand. Thanks again RT I think you can see where I was comeing from there with tammyc. I mean no ill will with tammyc but she is IMOO kind of supperficial, but again that is just my own opinion.

          4. Oh no digger, I was waiting with bated breath on what tammyc had gone out and done!
            Superficial maybe, I’m thinking troll digger? just me tho 🙂

          5. Um I don’t know #1, I have seen some of tammyc’s posts where it sounds pretty good. I have seen where the above has played out on other posts also. So like I said, could be just me? Maybe as digger said, superficial? Somethin I wouldn’t step in tho….just me & mho with all due respect tammyc 🙂
            LOL what is, is and whats not is n’t 🙂 getting out of polyticks for tonight newho, hope ya all have a good one & good weekend 🙂 Love, blessings & my best

          6. As you know, RT, I may only comment on as many as a quarter of the articles or thereabouts, so I can’t speak for the ones I haven’t seen her comments on, only the ones I have.

            btw, how you doing? Haven’t seen you posting the last few days. 🙂

          7. No tammyc isn’t a troll. She does appear to be having a rough time with the awakening. And each and every one of us KNOWS HOW THAT FEELS. I wasn’t sure what set digger off, I thought it was concerning another article I had not been following.
            But who am I to criticise? NC pissed me off with his first comment. And as I was about to snap on him I realized his frustration is in fact my very own!
            Lets all calm down.

          8. LOL, I left this site to catch up with people long over due, I’m closing down and I see these comments.
            Who is not calm?
            This is Henrys site, what do I care if he doesn’t?
            I asked tammyc to answer a question, so far hasn’t, 2:24am EST, no answer, standard troll procedure mho.
            Rhumstruck, I can say I used to pity myself for being awake as child (No one else did) I knew what was going to happen, maybe not perticulars/names, but I knew.
            I give praise to people on their way 🙂
            Ya know maybe I would be more easy going, if tammyc would have answered diggers question outright, but in my opinion tc chastized and degraded digger.
            & Good day to you Sir.
            ^Not my words.
            My words stand, love, blessings and my best.
            Oh, but in the words of tc this is a just a sitch.

  1. Guns are not allowed in the capital building. Yet we have been allowed to protest OUTSIDE while armed.
    On another note, imagine my suprise at watching my brother getting arrested! PRICELESS! He and I have not talked in over two years. Of course the rest of that backstory involves politics, he’s an ocrapper lover!
    As were most of those people there.
    However, I felt this was newsworthy because ANY infringmengt on WE THE PEOPLE is wrong.

  2. Excelent post Rumms. We all wisconsinite/cheese heads need to stand up for our rights here . Thumbs up with that video there Rumms. If I had the money to attend I would have been a attendant with that protest. Thanks for this one and good to see ya back.

    1. Thanks digger, I’ve been up there a couple of times. Thats how I know MOST of these, but not all, are demonrat unemployed union people. There are always a few patriots of our kind at the sing alongs, but when I have gone we were outnumbered at least 3 to 1!
      Being in the company of that many socialists makes my skin crawl and I almost want to go postal!

  3. Yet the people still just sing their way to the FEMA camps.



    1. Hey there NC, you can call us idiots, but unless you are a sniper you cannot talk anything but shit. Yea I have done time but I have been around people that have been there and they said the same thing – a sniper is the only way to take care of business if you want to do anything. Them cops and who ever support them cops should better think about who they work for and who they support dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRbark bark GRRRRRRR

  4. ““Well, I’ve been to Moscow and I’ve felt safer in Moscow than I do in our own State Capitol. I’m terribly offended that some people think that singing is some kind of terrible offense,” said Sen. Bob Jauch (D-Poplar).”

    Yep, I couldn’t agree with you more. Although I have never been to Russia, I can say that as much as I hate China and it pains me to say it, I feel safer and more free there than I do here. I miss being able to peacefully drink a beer on the sidewalk with my friends without the police driving by and fining or arresting us.

  5. To those above who seem to think I am a troll I can assure you that I’m not. (Yeah…that’s exactly what a troll would say.) To the one fella who seems adamant that I answer a question I will say to you Sir that I don’t have to answer anyone’s questions…especially from someone who is cussing at me while asking. If diggerdan cannot formulate a question using a modicum of respect then the answer he receives will be absent of any respect.
    Now that being said, I’ve been known to type cuss words…sometimes quite often. But I do my darndest not to cuss at others directly.
    Some of my comments on here are very serious, like the first one I made above. Although I personally feel that the time for protesting is long over. Some of my comments on here are just dumb jokes. When I look at all the horrible things that happen on this planet and see all the corruption and criminality going on and I come to the realization that the chances of my dying a natural death are roughly around zero, that’s when I have to take a step back from it all and crack a few dumb jokes about it. When you lose your sense of humor then you lose a part of yourself. I don’t remember who said this but it still applies…”The human mind is NOT a boomerang… if you throw it out there too far, it’s not coming back.”
    So to those who want an answer to the original question…”OK tammyc, what have you did to talk so big? I went to prison and rehab for lot of years, so what the F did you do to talk so bold tammyc.”
    My reply…”None of your eFing business.”

    1. Well said, tammyc. I never doubted your sincerity, the only question would be your level of awareness. And it’s certainly no crime to be any less aware or informed than others. It was nearly 55 years before I had the slightest clue, but once I did, I began to educate myself on as many different aspects of the NWO as thoroughly and as quickly as I could. It was well worth the effort, as I have learned things that have kept me healthy these past few years that I would not otherwise know of.

      I have to tell you that digger and RT are good friends. We talk on the phone. But digger has a temper at times. He’s admitted it in a number of past comments I’ve seen. I’m not criticizing him for it, it’s just part of his nature.

      That said, again, I had no doubts about your sincerity, and I didn’t perceive your original comment as being out of line in any way. So I, for one, would like to see you continue to post here.

      1. Thanks #1, Yep #1 I do get really arrogant at times and when I do I will appolize as I guess that an appology is in store. As I did try to tammyc below. I am just too damned serious all the time – yes even in my nightmares and in my dreams ya know. I do my best to try o control my bad attitude and temper. Thanks again for explaining #1, I do appreciate it buddy. 🙂 I do hope people understand. P.S. Oh Yes #1 and RT NC and the other older posters here, we ARE FAMILY HERE, I am just one that is realy hard to get to know and it takes a real lot for me to trust people as most here know. We are family and we are a strong family here. 🙂 Yes we are.

          1. Thanks guys.

            In the immortal words of that famous (now dead) crackhead : “Can’t we all just get along?” 🙂

            Trolls excepted, of course.

      2. Sorry #1 I missed the question you asked, been helping friends unpack and put stuff away. Wouldn’t prob take so long but they are doing their flooring at the same time? Anyway back at it tomorrow for how many days, I don’t know 🙂 Oops posted in wrong spot 🙁

    2. OK tammyc, maybe I was a little cocky or maybe over the edge with ya, and for that I will cheaply appolize to you. How ever when someone says to “try sining while armed to the eyeballs” is one of the dumbest things I thing that I have heard in a long long time. You do that at a peaceful protest and are carrying guns is asking for trouble and the cops will have a plant in the protest to instigate problems for the cops to beat and shoot people and that is a guarentee, and that is why I maybe got off on ya. I have been to a few that some freinds got put in the slammer and beat good for the very same thing you said. Do your singing or do your guns but if you go to a peaceful protest and think for a second that there is not going to be problems doing both of what you mention and you are trying to fool somebody because it doesn`t work that way – do one or the other but it realy is a bad idea to do both singing and carrying guns at the same time – do one or the other but bad idea to do both. As far as you being a troll – well maybe ya are and maybe not we all are seriously are watching for trolls here tammyc, and I hope you know and are aware of that….. Oh yea tammyc, you like to seem to call me or somebody “sir” well I am no boot licker or a** kisser. So you just got a very cheap appology from me so you got it. By the way – yea they stole my sence of humor back in the 60`s. It is better to be serious than to be a damned joker.

      1. I don’t think anyone stole your sense of humor digger. The part where you said I shouldn’t open carry and sing at the same time was funny. And the part where you apologized while calling me dumb at the same time….well that made me laugh. Oh, and that part where you seemed to say I shouldn’t be polite to someone I’ve never met….well that’s downright comedy genius.
        Yep. Makin friends….makin friends….makin friends.

        1. OK cool tammyc. I am a real hard guy to get to know – I will not go in to details as most of the older posters know and understand why I make a** nine comments sometimes eh and why I am a arrogant a** sometimes. You hold on tight here and you will also probobly get to know me. 🙂 We are cool I hope tammyc. Yep makin freinds 🙂 makin freinds 🙂 🙂 Never can have enough freinds 🙂

          1. It’s all good digger. Was trying to get a chuckle out of you with my last comment…lol.

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