Art Jones – The Art Jones The Rebel 2020 Election Campaign

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In today’s show originally broadcast on February 5 2020, Andy is joined by Art Jones, for a show entitled, “The Art Jones The Rebel 2020 Election Campaign.” 

We discussed: how Art is a Vietnam Veteran who first ran for Public Office in 1976; Art’s America First Committee which was inspired by Charles Lindbergh; how Art received over 64,000 votes in his 2018 Campaign; how the Primary for his current campaign is on March 17; the burning of Christian Churches in Israel; how by 2042 White People are predicted to be a minority in the U.S.A.; Art’s, “We Need More Jobs Not More Wars,” campaign slogan; the worldwide implications of a war with Iran; Art’s Political Manifesto; and many other topics.

Listen here:

3 thoughts on “Art Jones – The Art Jones The Rebel 2020 Election Campaign

  1. That’s funny, Mr. Walker, because this was in my inbox this morning.

    Andy’s show is right after Henry’s in my nighttime entertainment lineup. (I didn’t hear either show yet)

    (but I hate to refer to anything our movement produces as “entertainment” — it’s information; the movement of truth that’s necessary for our survival, and victory)

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