Article: Obama’s Plan to Destroy America

Max Velocity Tactical

We have a fundamental problem. Let me describe it:

If you serve in the military, you are subject to UCMJ. As has happened before, you can have disciplinary action taken against you for comments made, for example, on Facebook.

In a response to a comment I made recently about our current situation, an officer stated: “Be careful, he is still the Commander in Chief.”  

This is an inherent problem. A politician, upon taking up office, becomes the Commander in Chief of the nations military. He can then not be questioned.

What if that politician is an impostor and a traitor? What if he plans to destroy the very country of which he has become head? What about consistent acts of treachery? Does he still get a pass due to the protection of the office?

If you serve in the military, is it your duty to be a robot, a false patriot, motivated by simply doing what you are told? Are you supposed to be a part of the machine, blindly doing what you are told? Or are you a responsible citizen first?

Read the following article and have a think about that one:


Live Hard, Die Free.


5 thoughts on “Article: Obama’s Plan to Destroy America

  1. Folks, I highly recommend following the article (by Wayne Allyn Root) and reading it through. It’s quite revolting, but stick with it.

    Great find, Paraclete. Thanks for the post.

  2. Well said, Max. I’ve been preaching the same shit for the past few years. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of sheeple in the military with no balls and don’t want to do their damn duty and get rid of the treasonous son of a bitch in office. As I said before, THE CONSTITUTION is the law of the land NOT the president. If the president breaches the Constitution, he ceases to be the president and the military has every right under the Constitution, especially when it is also backed by the people to oust that person out of office.

    So as I say once again to the U.S. Military, “WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? DO YOUR DUTY, DAMMIT!!!!”

  3. I guess this is why the US is being over-loaded with third world “refugees”
    illegal immigrants (20 million) who will receive everything free for thee
    and their family members, no matter how distant they are. Did the IRS ever
    recover the $29,000 illegally refunded to an illegal immigrant? What about
    the $46 million? I can see this happening. The destruction of America
    was planned long ago. The pecker-head alleged president was a plant.

  4. it would cost billions to send the illegals out but cost TRILLIONS to keep them and they are pushing to keep them. Arrest half the government, NSA/CIA/FBI, end the FED, kick out the illegals, jail the bankers, abolish the income tax and millions of useless laws, end Monsanto and throw out the Zionists and you have a good start…and hang all the 9/11 traitors.

    1. A good plan, if we all could just work together.
      And while were at it, bring back the 55,000 manufacturing
      plants that were sent out of the country to pacify the
      elite. Treason.

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