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As Americans Celebrate “Freedom” on July 4, Here’s Proof We Are NOT Free

Free Thought Project – by Jack Burns

Every year on July 4th, Americans celebrate their “freedom” by remembering that the United States of America began as an uprising, intent on ending the overburdens of taxation, tyranny, oppression, and the pilfering of our country’s natural resources.

So what has changed since 1776? Absolutely nothing. In fact, it has gotten worse.  

Today in America, citizens regularly make payments to the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. Federal Government because they are too poor to pay their taxes in one lump sum. Those payments also have interest and fees applied and keep such citizens, it seems, permanently indebted to a government which has no problem spending its revenue (taxes) on perpetual war, a 17-agency strong spy infrastructure, and building up its nuclear supply.

Freedoms, which Americans used to enjoy without constantly being harassed by legal lapdogs known as law enforcement officers, are now stolen from us and sold back to us at a high price. The right to carry a gun, in many states, comes only after someone gets a “permit to carry.” That permit is not free. In fact, none of the permits listed below are free. The only free thing anyone gets if they don’t get a permit is the freedom to be fined, arrested, or taken to jail.

These are the top five things you must have a permit for in order to engage in the activity:

1. Work – Yes, in America, we have to purchase work permits (minors), licenses (for nearly all professional positions), permits (to handle food), and the list goes on.

2. Travel – Unless you want to stay in one city your entire life, you have to have an ID to travel by the interstate bus system, the railways, the airways, and the open road (drivers license).

3. Marriage – Permits must be obtained to marry anyone, ever. Those permits also come at a price and if the couple decides they no longer want to be married, they must pay the state to get a divorce, which can also be very costly.

4. Eating – If you want to catch fish or hunt and eat your catch or kill, you’ll need a permit for that too.

5. Recreation – Often, permits are required to be placed on watercraft such as houseboats, kayaks, jet skis, and fishing boats. Anyone caught without valid permits can be subjected to fines. Park passes are also required before visitors can enjoy the God-given creation found in state and national parks.

Taxes are now levied on everything bought and sold in the United States. Until last week, some people were allowed to escape taxes of some online purchases, but the Supreme Court closed that loophole.

The earliest of Americans complained that they were forced to provide room and board to British troops. The Quartering Acts were considered an invasion of privacy and a violation of property rights, but now the federal government of the United States does far worse than being an imposition for a short period of time. They are spying on all Americans and getting away with it, all in the name of fighting the “War on Terror.”

Thanks to  NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden, we now know there are at least three major spying programs that collect the private conversations, internet searches, and movement data of all citizens in the United States—all of the time.

Others are sounding the alarm as well. Lawyer John Whitehead, of The Rutherford Institute, made a name for himself by fighting back against the government in the court of law on behalf of citizens who believed their Constitutional rights had been infringed upon. Whitehead paints one of the most vivid pictures for people to understand what is really going on with individual freedoms in America.

In a recent interview with the Liberty Report, Whitehead revealed why he is convinced we already live in a police state, much like the oppressive one the British subjected the American people to over 230 years ago.

Whitehead stated that modern day policing is out of control, costing taxpayers millions of dollars in illegal arrest lawsuits, but what really concerns him is the fact that the incidents are not isolated. He said:

  • 80,000 SWAT team raids happen in the US yearly
  • Police have been militarized with military grade weapons, munitions, and explosives
  • The government is preparing for martial law based on a “training video” put out entitled 2030 which predicted the fall of the American society.
  • Schools no longer instruct students in their “civil liberties” citing very few even know their constitutional rights.
  • AT&T is building bunkers in 8 major cities which are designed to intercept and archive “phone calls, emails, Facebook chats for the NSA” “What does that say?” Asks Whitehead. He says it’s a clear violation of the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  • Amazon has a reported 10 billion dollar contract to create a database “cloud” for the Department of Defense spy agencies.
  • Modern policing seems to protect only the “corporate elite”.
  • Stingray devices are installed in police cars.
  • Homeland Security has fake cell phone towers which are portable and drive in front of your home and download everything you have on your laptops, cell phones, etc.
  • The FBI has “dirt boxes” set up on Cessnas which fly around areas wholesale collecting data on private citizens.

Whitehead argued that Americans are completely distracted from the realities they face because they are so addicted to their cell phones that they are too busy to notice that the government is infringing upon their rights every second.

For those who think they are still living in “The Land of the Free and the Home of The Brave,” Whitehead said, “We live in a total surveillance state now. Everything you’re doing is being watched.” So go ahead. Enjoy your cell phones, and Facebook posts of friends drinking beer and partying. Happy Independence Day!

Free Thought Project

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4 Responses to As Americans Celebrate “Freedom” on July 4, Here’s Proof We Are NOT Free

  1. Former railroader says:

    Yes! Happy Dependence Day to all.
    I have read a lot of history books and listened to a large number of podcasts from people who also study history. In every single case where a successful revolution took place, a more tyrannical government was put into place by the revolutionary leaders. The only way to defeat the Beast for good is to do the exactly opposite of a violent revolution.
    Starve the beast!

    There is a weapon soooooo powerful that people in government fear it the most.
    It is a weapon that government is incapable of using against the people. This weapon can not be confiscated in a middle of the night raid. I found it in a short Sci-Fi story by Eric Frank Russell called “And Then There Were None”. It can be found here for your reading. https://www.abelard.org/e-f-russell.php.

    The weapon is three little words. FIW.
    Freedom. I Won’t
    Like Gandhi, do not cooperate with anyone with a government position.
    Shun every politician and every costumed policy enforcer.
    Shun the wives and children of enforcers and politicians.
    Shun every parents of politicians and enforcers because they raised such lousy children.
    Shun every contractor that works for the government.
    Shun every clerk and secretary.
    Shun every family member of the lower level workers of government.
    Shunning the family members would be the most effective because they would complain to the government worker that they were refused service at the store or gas station.
    The people working in government would shortly not be able to do anything.
    How is local government and Federal government going to arrest and cage half or more of the population?
    Are the Enforcers for the political class going to raid the local grocer or gas station after their donuts and fuel tanks run out?
    It would finally show to all the real face of the Beast.

    This is the weapon that keeps the ruling class up late at night. They know this!
    This is why you are seeing and reading about the riots in collages.
    The ruling class is involved with initiating the riots.
    In another post here, once again the FBI created a terrorist and funded him.
    They keep the people fighting among themselves and in fear to distract the people from seeing the real enemy.
    A voluntary society works every where it has been tried.

    The Libertarians to a man is a hypocrite.
    In their dissertations, they call for a decentralized government and smaller government.
    They want a smaller Beast that they can keep leashed in the back yard.
    They forget that the Beast grows until it consumes everything.
    Many Libertarians cry that all we have to do is enforce the Constitution and the bill of rights.
    They forget or do not know that that magic parchment that they worship was written in the weeks before the Convention and shoved down the throats of the delegates that were allowed in. Many duly elected delegates to the convention were kept out. There were no notes taken at the Convention. What we know about the Convention has been passed to us by the delegates near the time of their death as much as 50 years later.
    The Constitution was written by the ruling class!
    All constitutions are written by the ruling class!
    A Constitutor is one who is put into bondage.
    YOU have been put into bondage.
    John Adams (it should be Addams) fought tooth and nail trying to keep the bill of rights from being added. In true political fashion he spoke eloquently about it after it was passed.

    Belief is the enemy of knowing.
    The history of this country and the need for government is a religious belief carefully feed to us since our birth.

    So. Go out there and thank every politician, every costumed enforcer, and every soldier mercenary for your (cough cough) freedom.
    I will probably be banned for this, but sacred cows taste great hot off the grill.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Shun? This is ridiculous, as they would have to give a shit what we think of them, which they don’t.
      The tyranny we are experiencing is being consented to by a handful, you know, the voters.
      These people are in the process of stealing the wealth of our nation and there is only one thing that is going to stop them.
      Those American nationals didn’t try to shun the British out of here, they did it the old Saxon way and that is what is getting ready to happen.
      If you think you could get kicked off for identifying the aristocrats that hijacked the uprising in 1776, you are mistaken, but with that shunning thing, you are walking the line. 🙂

      • Former railroader says:

        Unfortunately, The Colonist of the late 1700s would have lost badly without the help of the French. France became bankrupt financing and equipping the war here. The French revolution was a direct result of the American Revolution.

        All of history is largely a fairy tale written by the victors.
        I want to know the truth no matter how ugly it is.
        I am old and glad of it. I will not have to see what is coming.
        Most of the so called founding fathers were just as vile as the political leadership of today. The only difference is that todays Ruling Class are are too stupid to be able to initiate the creation of a government.
        The Beast knows how to deal with the violent peasants.
        The Beast becomes bigger and more powerful with war. Any war.
        All beasts die when starved. The Beast dies too just like Santa Clause died as we grew up.

        Thank you Henry for allowing my view to be seen by others.
        I am not a pacifist. It is just that I am against the initiation of force.
        A violent defense against an aggressor is within my non-aggression principle.
        The Beast is the initiator of force when the peasants ignore their arbitrary rules. Moral law is hard wired within every man. The moral law does not have to be written. The arbitrary rules of the ruling class must be written down to be known.
        Except for a few, most want to freely associate and peacefully work together.
        The Beast is soooo afraid of the possibility that spontaneous order will break out without the Beast controlling everything.

        I think the Beast of the Bible is that idea put into our minds that a violent and coercive government is legitimate. It dies when the people wake up from their dreaming and say, “I Won’t”.
        You can not solve a problem by using the same methods that caused it.
        Revolution has been used for thousands of years. Yet, no one as gotten free by it. And for that matter no one has become free by voting.

        • Katie says:

          “It is just that I am against the initiation of force.
          A violent defense against an aggressor is within my non-aggression principle.”

          The force has been initiated against us, now the remedy is a violent defense.

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